x2c Control arms....

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  1. I'm kinda new to this suspension thing. A friend has a brand new set of x2c Upper and Lower control arms (lowers are adjustable). What are they worth? Are they any good?

    I've searched the net. Seems the place is out of business? Also I've read something of a bad design batch? :shrug:

    I need control arms (adjustable if I can afford them) but I'm also on a tight budget. The engine project kinda cost me a lot. :rlaugh:

    Recommendations are welcome!
  2. Uh... wrong thread. WTH? :rlaugh: Guess that AODE comment won't make much sense in here. :D
  3. They are out of business and they tried and rip people off before they closed their doors. Actually a member here was charged twice (months apart) while closing. Have you considered the Pro3 that look and read like Steeda brand?
  4. Haven't looked at anything. And I'm not too worried about them ripping me off, as I would be buying them from a friend. I just don't know what they used to sell for... or if they are junk or not. He mentioned $200 for the set. Is that high, or low??? How do I confirm they aren't the "bad design" etc.

    Where's the best place to look at the Pro3 stuff?
  5. Honestly I never saw the X2C stuff mentioned (besides there built tremecs) so I couldn't tell you. The Pro3 stuff is sold here on stangenets parts shopper though.
  6. I have their non-adjustable lowers. I was really impressed with the quality. MIne have an Energy suspension urethane bushing.
  7. Do you remember how much you paid for them? Just trying to figure out the value of these things. Since the company is no more.... I figure they worth a little less. And that's what I need, a deal. :D
  8. Mega bite jr. I am really impressed by them, FRPP sells them.

  9. No I don't, I got them from X2C on E-bay. I remember that they were very cheap though.
  10. Steeda is out of business?
  11. These are not Steeda... It was another company called X2C. The company split and ONE of the remaining companies is http://www.modularmustangracing.com/ The original's website is no more.
  12. Yeah, and pricey.... :D
  13. Well, they are on the car. We just measured the stock lowers and set them there for now. Anyone have a rough idea on how many turns I'll need to adjust them for a street/strip setup? I assume I'll want to shorten them? :shrug: Really new to this suspension stuff.