Xcal 2 files to share?

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  1. Anyone out there have program files for the Xcal 2 they would like to share?

    I finally broke down and got the Xcal 2, but would like some files to play with.

    Any suggestions regarding how to use the various downloadable software would also be helpful to me.
  2. yesterday I took my xCal2 and laptop with me to work. At lunch I hooked it up and did some data logging. It's awesome. But there are so many variables (PIDs or DMRs) to log it does take some practice.

    I would be glad to email you my latest file...I was trying to get a read on the air/fuel ratio...but come to find out later from SCT you can not log it with OEM MAF O2 censor...just can't do it.

    Let me know and give me your email address.:nice:
  3. so are u saying if u run a O/R Mid Pipe(x, h) u can read the a/f ratio?

    can u also say how u did that.... ive been trying to figure out what programs i need and what i have to do to get the SCT to hook up to my laptop and plug into the car.

    thanks in advance... its been troublin me for a while
  4. If you would like to send me your email address I would be glad to share what I call a good street file. [email protected]
  5. Hey Larry, what color is your car? I'm in Sugar Land too, might have seen you out on the road.
  6. Silver. I'm in Magnolia Plantation. Highway 6 and Frost Pass. Where are you?
  7. Hey all,

    Thanks to you who have responded and are sending me files.

    Keep them coming!!!!
    Be sure to let me know octane and performance to be expected from the tune.

    I'll be out of town and out of touch for a week.
    So if you offer to send a file and I do not get back with you.... just give me some time and I will.

    Thanks again!

  8. I see yours is an 05 but you will see what I did to fix a few problems with the factory tuning and then make these changes to yours if you like them.
  9. If anyone has a really hot 93 octane tune, I'd love to have a copy.
    Sorry, I don't have any to share - yet.
  10. How do you know that someone is not going to send you some bogus file and blow up your car? I’ve thought about asking for tunes also but shied away.
  11. We need a bin repository like HP Tunes has. These bin files have been approved before they are posted. http://www.horist.com/hptuner/search.asp?action=exe

    If you are uncertain then run a Compare of an SCT bin file if you have the Pro Racers package. If you see any drastic differences then call SCT and get their recommendation. If you don't have the Pro Racers package then it may not be best to program in any files from unknown sources. I would never use a bin file without some confidence that it's a good file designed for my mods.
  12. Hey Larry,

    I'm at HWY 90 and Eldridge.