Y2k Cobra R Rims: Sell Or Keep?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have a beloved set of authentic FRPP 2000 CobraR rims in chrome. They're in nice shape, and I'd be a bit sad to part with them, but I also understand Ford doesn't make/sell them anymore so maybe there's a demand? I guess I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to sell or just keep them because they're "endangered". I bought them new and they were the last thing I did to "complete" the look of my 2001 snake. Thoughts? The car has been sold, but I kept the rims.



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  2. I suppose that I am not entirely sure why you would consider selling them. You seem to love the way they look. There is a reason why are no longer produced....they were NOT very popular. There is no demand.
  3. I would keep them.
  4. Whoops, it probably would have been helpful to mention I sold the car, hahaha. I sold the car with the stock rims so the Cobra R's are in my garage.
  5. They look great on the car, I would keep them.
  6. Buy another car and put them on it. Problem solved.