Yay or Nay on new wheels

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  1. Just wanting some opinions. I got them for a stupid low price. Let me know what you think.

  2. I've always liked FR-500s.
  3. Looks awesome man! I love it...
  4. Heck yes I like em! Fr500's are my favorite, I want those for mine but in the anthracite or the hypercoated color..
  5. New Wheels

    Wheels look great. The nice thing about your car is the cleanness (simplicity). Nothing garish or bright. A car like that you can drive until you're 95 years old and not seem like you're going through a mid-life crisis. I went for the same look with mine (no spoiler, dark color). I think those wheels would look better than my bullitts. What kind of springs do you use to lower the car, and did you need caster/camber plates with them?
  6. Looks great man! You can't really go wrong with any of the fr500 wheels on these cars.
  7. Nay, I love FR;s but you need a black wheel to finish off the murdered out look.
  8. looks kinda familiar :nice:

  9. Looks good but would look better black....

    Still looks good though.
  10. Looks good and I always liked those wheels.
  11. those and your black ones look damn good on that car...im a huge fan of the fr's but honestly, your car looked more sinister with the old rims...so imo you should put them back on
  12. Looks great....ESPECIALLY considering you got them for a good price
  13. Looks great!
  14. I like them.
  15. I got them for $300. they have 295/35's on the rear and 265/35's in the front. The tires themselves are BFG KDW2's. I am thinking about taking them and having them powdercoated. If I do, I will have them completely powder coated black, including the chrome lip.
  16. Were any of the wheels beat up at all? Still it would be a great deal. Hell those rims alone for 300 are a great deal. Maybe they were stolen? :shrug: Either way it was a killer deal :hail2:
  17. The wheels are in great shape. I little rash here and there. But nothing serious at all.
  18. i like it alot
  19. Most definitely. Digging the non-black wheels as well.