Yeah, So My Car Blows Out A Spark Plug

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  1. So I'm just cruzing down the road yesterday accelerating from a traffic light (not getting on it) and all the sudden I lose compression. I make it over to the side of the road ASAP. and raise the hood to find out that one of my spark plugs has been BLOWN OUT! The plug is still there but it is only held in place by the little rubber boot that slides over the end. So I try to put the plug back in thinking that some how it has vibrated lose, But no the treads are so [email protected]#$ up that I can't even get it to catch. So I have a couple of questions.

    1. What in the he!! can cause this to happen

    2. what would be the least expensive fix ? (maybe helicoils)

    3. If I have to pull the engine to fix it is there anything else that I should replace while I'm in there?

    (In referance to the 3rd question)
    I know some performance engine parts aren't too expensive, a lot of your cost is in pulling the engine. I'm not going to have a whole lotta $ laying around since I have to fix the head, but if there is anything worth the extra $ while I'm in there I might do it.
  2. You shouldnt have to pull the motor, but if its bad enough you will need a new head. Sorry man but it could get expensive.
  3. The only proper solution is a new head. It will cost about $1200 installed. Who changed your spark plugs last time? Did you hear a ticking noise prior to the blowout? Do you know what plugs you used? Was anti-seize applied to the plugs? Were they torqued properly?

    TSB 15815
    Do not repair spark plug port threads in aluminum cylinder heads-
    Unapproved usage of helicoil for serice
    Some engines equipped with aluminum cylinder heads may exhibit spark plug port(s) with stripped or missing threads, "Do not" service stripped or missing spark plug port threads by using "helicoil" or "tapersert" repair kits. It is likely that additonal engine damage or engine failure will occur after an unsuccesful atttempt to service the cylinder head spark plug reports with "helicoil" or taperset. The only authorized service procedure is to replace the cylinder the cylinder head assembly when spark plug port threads are damaged is to replace the cylinder head assembly when spark plug port threads are damaged and in need of service, refer, to the pertinent workshop manual (section 303-1) for cylinder head removal and installation procedures. Note: When servicing spark plugs for any reason , do not use air or powertools and take care to ensure that spark plugs to not crossthread.
  4. yeah looks like it's going to be an expensive fix. Is there anything else I should try to replace while I'm in there ?
  5. Anybody know where I can get a good deal on the drivers' side head. (somewhere besides the corner down town)
  6. If $ is a concern, try a junkyard head w/ low miles on it. Who did your last plug change and what procedure did they use?
  7. I would try and hold thepeople who did the work responsible..maybe it wasnt torqed right?
  8. Not sure the plugs have been in there since I've had the car 1 1/2 years
  9. Yeah, replace the head for sure. Junkyard is option one, and option two is ebay, I am sure there are a lot of pi heads out there.
  10. Shoot, buy some P&P heads from foxlake or modularpowerhouse. If your going to spend that much money, get something good. STG 21/2 from MPH are 1850. But well worth it. Patriot sells some for around 1200, but from what i have heard, they are not very in they dont do good work. You can do it yourself...and you can also buy some $540 cams from would be looking at arund 300-310RWHP. Running 12s at around 110.
  11. Wasn't this a problem for certain years? And when did Ford fix it?
  12. Got A Good Fix Option

    Found a cheap fix. I called a place here in B'ham called Cylinder Head Service Inc. and they said they have another type of insert that is like a helicoil, but it is made for this type of situation. and since it's the drivers side clyinder closest to the front of the car and it's easy to get to they said they can do the work without even pulling the heads off!!! So I can get fixed up for about $ 120. Now that's what I'm talking about!!!! :banana: :banana: :banana: Thanks for your comments I'll keep you updated.

  13. :banana:
  14. Good to hear!! I hope you let us know how you make out. Also, if you could get any info on what they use, that would be great. :nice:
  15. Hmmm How come I keep hearing this a local guy here had this happen like 2 weeks ago? Now if this don't work out and you wind up pulling the heads that would be a good time for a set of P&P heads and cams.
  16. My car did the same thing. It had been ticking the day before on a road trip, I thought it was an exhaust tick. Then cruising around town the spark plug blew clean out and took all the threads with it.

    I thought I was going to need to get a new head as well but I found a place that was able to fix the problem. Apparently it's very common, and Ford knows about it, but they offer no help or recall. I think that's a little effed up but oh well, car is fixed now.
  17. So what causes it to happen because like I said I wasn't even given it he!! when it shot the plug out. I was just cruzin down the road takin it easy.
  18. helicoil

    I was just curious though my dad had a car some years ago did that blew out a plug . Thing is whrn they install a new insert or coil wont they get metal shavings into the cylinder if so that wouldnt be good.
  19. They get the metal shavings out buy spraying compressed air in the clyinder, and they'll use a magnet too.
  20. plug

    well hope it all works out for you sounds like a good enough deal.