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  1. I am still alive, If anyone remembers or cares to remember :D

    been busy, and broke. So the mustangs are on the back burner until I am done with school. Probably the forums to since I am not really doing much with my projects.

    currently they are all not running. I do have a built 351w, and a non assembled 302 waiting for me to someday have the time to slap them in something.

    on the bright side, I only have about six or seven months until school is done and I can start looking for a job.
  2. Isn't that always the case, not enough time and not enough money! I finally got my 67 running half way decent, now it's supposed to rain for the whole week...drats.
  3. hey monkey good to hear from ya. update on my car is new paint, the body shop just got it assembled and i will go down today for the first look with it all together.
  4. Howdy HM!

    I think you were more fun when you were in BFE New Mex. Moving up to Oregon has made you boring. :jester:

    click on the CarDomain link in my sig to see the latest on my car.
  5. I agree with Blake....the chimp was more fun when he was in NM plotting to overthrow SD and take over Stangnet!

    Glad to hear you're year hasn't been much better, I stripped the front end of my 'stang down to the clip in the Spring before the damned lymphoma recurred and put everything on now half my 'stang is up on jackstands in a gravel driveway (a different one from two years ago:nice: ) and the other half is in boxes or hanging from the beams in my basement!

    2005 WILL be a MUCH better year!:nice:
  6. Wow, I thought you went back to the jungle and were killed so someone could have monkey brains for dinner. :D Good to hear from you. Don't feel bad about your car;the only new developments on mine are rust.
  7. Nice to hear from ya. When you graduate from school make sure you buy some of that fancy synthetic brake fluid to celebrate with :)
  8. I went from 30,000 some thousand a year to about 12,000 and added the cost of school on top of that. so the only addition to my cars other than rust is mice :D

    sorry to hear about the reoccurance 65stanger.

    hopefully you regain your health.
  9. Thanx HM.....I had a stem cell transplant in Oct, and things are progressing nicely so far.........looking forward to the warm weather so I can finish the work on the front end.

    Have you considered charging the mice rent? I don't know about OR, but around here Co-Ops and Condos start at $2000/mo for a single bedroom unit!
  10. I dont know if cheese and pine cones will pay my bills unfortunantly :D
  11. At least you won't go hungry, monkey! :rlaugh:

    Tell your kid it's time for him to get a job and quit mooching off of mom and dad! :D
  12. HM,
    do good in school.

    that is all.
  13. I'll second Foggie's sentiment. The cars will wait (throw a tarp or two over them for the rain!) 'til you've completed school. The you can spend money on them!

    Keeps you from having to take a job as a hungry Trunk Monkey!

  14. Too cool! I want one for my Mafia Staff Car! :rlaugh:
  15. Aren't those great? I've gotta get a decent broadband connection for the house so I can watch those more often. :p