Yello fog light covers and Hokya H10 yellog fog light bulbs

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  1. Hello, for anyone interested in changing their fog light color to contrast the headlights, I am posting this info. The fog light covers are Clear Bra 3M yellow vinyl, cut to fit the 05 GT foglights. I purchased them from Ebay, just do a search on there and you will find them. They look really sharp during the day and give a slight yellow tint at night.

    The Nokya H10 yellow colored foglight bulbs were purchased from the link below.

    They are awsome, very yellow at night. They give a very cool appearance at night and really light up the road. They are 45 watts. I am posting pics of the lens covers, and Nokya bulds installed. I hope this helps anyone interested in doing this small mod.

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  2. bulbs and car

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  3. last one, headlight and fogs

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  4. hey
    how did you mod the fog lights so that you can turn them on without the headlights. did a search and could not find anything. Just installed some HIDs in my fogs and want to be able to use them without the headlights.
  5. BTW I like the yellow lights!
  6. it is just the park lights and fogs, not just the fogs in the pic.
  7. did not know i could do that...thanks
  8. gross... their aint no way i would do that to my car.. unlesss it was yellow itself... which that will never happen... so no thanks
  9. turn on the parking lights and pull out on the switch
  10. Sanctus - Didn't your momma teach you any manners??? If you can't say something nice....

    I like the Yellow Lights and will be doing something similar to my car.

    Do you have any extra 3m material you want to sell??
  11. I think we ordered (ebay) from the same guy. Nice stuff. I went for the Stealth look myself!

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  12. Link please! :)
  13. Thanks Dave!