Yellow 2005 V6 Sighted in SF on Sunday ...

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  1. Saw it at the Cost Plus/Barnes and Nobles parking lot near Fisherman's Wharf, on Sunday afternoon.

    Yellow with black stripes. Louvers on the C-pillar windows. Scoops behind the doors. Yellow inserts in the black leather seats. "Mustang" script, tricolor pony, and 4.0 badges.

    If you're reading this forum, that was one radical V6. Post pics if you can!

  2. Good-looking yellow pony. Very similar to the one I saw, but a few details are different ...
  3. Sounds a lot like the one at a dealer here in Okc. This one has the louvers and black stripes, but it also has 21 inch wheels I think with rubber bands around them. It actually looks kinda sharp, I just wish it had more rubber. The price has been pushed up over $26,000 because of the extras, if I remember right. And it's a standard.
  4. Sounds like Tom Rasada's car... He lives not far from me in SoCal, but maybe he's traveling on business... Or he let his son take the car! <chuckle>

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    Upland, CA
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  5. sounds familiar to me, too

    I think the yellow V6 pakage is some sort of dealer upgrade. I was at a dealer in Huntington Beach and saw a similar yellow V6 with black stripes, ducktail, 20's, etc.