yellow liquid from under dashboard?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by bokinsmowl, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. there is some sort of yellow liquid leaking from under my passenger side dashboard into the car...its a slow slow drip, but obviously still concerns me.

    possibly an A/C leak?
  2. Look like antifreeze? Maybe the heater core.
  3. Maybe you scared the piss out of someone while driving ang its starting to leak out now?


  4. It is the heater core. The dash must be removed to replace. You are screwed my friend. I feel bad for you :(
  5. yup the heater core is leaking
  6. agreed

    ...yikes...good luck
  7. How much to replace?
  8. Well, in the Haynes manual the first step is remove the freon. The next step is remove the dash. How cheap can such a major operation be?
  9. couple hundred bucks :shrug: cant give you a specific number if done by the dealership
  10. Before getting too exited, compare it to a sample taken from the radiator, Anti-freeze usually has a distinct odor.
  11. :lol:

    Its the heater core mang...
  12. had mine done at a dealer, cost $850. that yellow fluid is teh antifreeze. but they were also replacing my intake for $1200. btw people the recall has been appealed by ford so we get to pay for the intake swaps.
  13. Sadly, it does seem like the heater core. I have no idea why car makers bury the heater core like they do. Big job that must be done by elfs. Not much room in there to take the dash apart.

    Have a dealer do it. Why? Even if you did it yourself, what would you do if the replacement core began to leak shortly after install? This can happen. Go to the dealer and make sure they give at least a 30 day warranty.
  14. i feel so bad for you, so , so , bad
  15. dont feel too bad, for $850 i dont think im going to fix it. its only a really really slow drip, so ill throw some newspaper down in the passanger footwell and wait for a new car.

    thanks ford! crapola
  16. :lol:
    Trade the leaky SOB.
  17. Your car has "the clap".
  18. It's actually sort of a fun job replacing the heater core.

    It's a great opportunity to clean up wiring back there, clean the carpeting under the seats, dust off things, flush your coolant, etc.

    I've never done our style, but several foxbody's.. it's the same deal. It's sort of neat because you get to see parts of the car you haven't ever seen before, and then you can come on here and share your knowledge with other people who are about to go through it.

    Really, all you do is drain the coolant, disconnect the lines at the heater core, remove the seats for working room, remove kick panels, lay down some towels, remove the radio and wiring, loosen a couple bolts to let the steering column drop down, remove the nuts/bolts securing the dash to the firewall, remove the top bolts, have a buddy help you slide the dash back. The hardest part for me both times was finding all the bolts. If you have a ford service manual, or somebody can get you a screenshot of the bolts, it'll save you tons of time.

    You can just let it rest on a piece of wood, or on the shifter if you prefer, then you get a work light and stick it up under where the HVAC box is, cut a space in it to pull out the heater core, or if you've discharged the a/c, just disconnect the evaporator core lines, and unbolt the entire HVAC box and pull it out. That way you just remove the bolts holding the heater core panel on, and don't have to cut anything. Put some soft drying RTV around the base of where the heater core sits, set it in, and let it dry for a few hours.

    While that's drying, you can clean your carpets up, find some nice seat covers to put on, blow some air through the HVAC box to get the leaves and crap out of it, poke around up under the dash and checkout the horrible wiring mess, etc.

    You and a knowledgeable buddy or 2 could have it done in one day, but I set aside an entire weekend for my foxbody.
  19. Hey Bro im in the same boat. But mine leaks alot.... My buddy did his and says it wasnt that bad, just make sure and get an OEM replacement. The other ones ar Henco In Mexico and are crap. Said it took him about 8hrs total. We plan on doing it after the 1st of the year. Ill post some updates and pics later.
  20. Why don't you just bypass the heater hose the goes into your firewall from the engine bay? Just cap it off.