Yellowish Sticky Residue in engine Compartment

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  1. I have a Silver Mustang GT. Shines up beautifully, but when I popped the hood, I noticed something a little unusual. There is a yellowish residue that is on the firewall, groves where the hood sits into. It does wipe off, with a little sweat, but what is it, should I remove it, and any easy way to get it off.

  2. i belive you are talking about fords rustproofing...
  3. Does it look like a yellow foam? I am surprised it isn't totally dry yet. I would find out what it is before removing it. I believe they spray a yellow foam on the back of the firewall to act as a flame retardant agaisn't engine fires and help protect you in the event of an engine fire.
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  5. Sounds like Cosmoline. Typically, imported cars are treated with it for the long boat ride to prevent damage to the unpainted/uncoated items under the hood. Once completely dried (cured) it is hell to remove, so I'd get it off now. I've never seen it on a domestic car though, so I have no idea how it got on yours. My GT didn't have a trace.

    I bought a new Nissan a few years back that was driven straight from the port to the dealership, at my request. By the time it got to the dealer (a couple days later), the Cosmoline was cemented to the engine compartment and I was never able to remove all of it.

    BTW, that Nissan was, by far, the worst vehicle I've ever owned. It had problems in every area (paint, transmission, engine, electrical, interior trim) and it was completely worn out by 90,000 miles. This was with the wife driving it and good maintenance. I've had Ford, GM, Dodge, and Fiat, but Nissan is the only car brand I will NEVER buy again.

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  6. It might be Brake fluid from your master cylinder. mine for some reason seems to seep.
  7. The residue is not something that can easily be wiped...It does not wipe off, you have to rub it off..its tacky, and is not on anything but the hood rails, and firewall.