Yesss! New Times!!!

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  1. if some of you recall, last month i put up numbers for the first time ive been to a track. I rant 14.1s @98.XX all day and on my last run of that day i ran a 14.098 @ 99.89 or around that MPH

    Well yesterday was Grudgefest at Sacramento Raceway and it was awsome. I got in 14 runs!!! I was enjoyinh spanking some of the SRT4s, lost to 1 of them but it was runnn 12.9s i think.

    I went with the mods in the sig but i put the stock mufflers back on and added a BBK off road x pipe.

    Well my first run of the day i ran 14.3 and i was like, "oh crap". i just wanted to break 13s hoping for a 13.999 and what do u know, i ran a 13.82 the next run. after that, 13.715.

    At the track, If you are in the 13s u need a helmet. I was running 13.8s and .7s all night but no one said anything. it was getting late so i said it was gunna be my last run. i was debating taking it but i said what the hell.

    fo rmy last run, my R/T was .298 with a 2.078 60' and a 13.698 @101.460

    i was happy i stayed. as soon as i ran that, the guy running the tree yelled to my homeboys "that guy needs a helmet!"

    im still on the stock tires so next up are sume nitto 555r's and a magnaflow chambered cat back.

    thanks for reading! input is welcomed!
  2. Not bad at all..I cant wait to get my 4.10s in my car..
  3. very nice, congrats:nice:
  4. WOW, thats a strong car you have there....trapped better than mine did in full street trim when only bolton! And yours is an auto! Awsome times, and get that 60 to a 1.90 and you should run low 13.50s. :nice:

    My best bolton run if full street trim (3 runs) was a 13.58 @ 100.29 with a 1.90 60' on 285 kumho street tires (30 psi)....awsome track prep btw. Your car has even more in it...
  5. what are your exact mods?
  6. NICE!!!.. like hot said you still have more in it. thats close to my runs when I had 3.73's, ud pulleys, flows and a tune. but you got me beat by almost 2mph. I see 13.5's easy!!
  7. ok sorry for the late reply, I'm posting from the giants game.

    my exact mods were:
    k&n fipk

    bbk 75mm tb & plenum

    bbk u/d pulleys

    frpp 4.10s

    bbk off road x pipe

    sct generic 91 octane tune

    1/2 tank of gas

    full weight

    and stock tires

    I'm lookin forward to getting those 555r's.

    and I know temp. had a big roll in it cuz it was about 68 degress compared to the 100 it was when I ran the 14.098
  8. Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nice: Now get you a helmet and learn to use those drag radials:D

  9. great times, especially for an auto on street tires!
  10. Good times especially on street tires!
  11. thanks for all the feedback.

    i was spanking SRT 4s all day long except a really fast blue one.

    I also almost took care of a turboed 350z but he pulled me in right before the 1/4 mile. i was so happy when i got him off the line til about a third of the way.