Yesterday I got 94 V6 rims WITH BFG drag radials AND GUESS what I did today

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Slow5.0, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Those V6 rims are for my new 26X10.5x15 ET Street's and I got VERY bold BFGoodrich DRs (235/60/15) on them so I lightem UP before putting ET Street's :D
    I was pissed because I couldn;s make bigger smoke because tires was bold and in that video I did in 2nd gear
    Other marks are mine too but from month ago

    Here is a few pics before short burnouts


    AND here is mine old and bold 275/40/17 Nitto DRs (5 months old and 6K miles only)


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  2. That aint bold. Wanna see bold ? You can see the "cords" on mine :D

    Couldnt see the vids though..:shrug:
  3. link no worky :shrug:
  4. your car looks really clean ernan :nice:

    did u ever think of painting the mirrors? I think it would add nicely.. glossy black if u keep the black hood or red if you go back
  5. ah, i think the links are fixed... or i'm just a genious- i think it's the latter

    nice burnout man, so do you have trackloc? b/c when u start the burnout you seem to nosedive a little... just wondering how that happens
  6. Power brake baby
  7. hmmm did i hear a rice car following you on that 2nd video. Also, is that water down on the road on the first?
  8. Joe- What line lock did you get? I might have to look into one.

  9. For as cheap as it is, I'd suggest getting a line-lock. It would make your money back and then some just from all the rear brake pads and rotors you won't have to buy.

    Plus, it will save you the hassle from juggling the pedals at the race track.

  10. hahaha damn ernan your a crazy mofo
  11. I got a TCI linelock and it works like a charm. Highly recommend it :nice:
  12. :lol: Agreed.... I like it! :nice:
  13. WTF the link doesn't work for me all I get is "page not found"
  14. It's your avatar..... Booty shakin' ain't permitted on that server. :D
  15. I went with Hurst. I've heard that the Summit brand is the same thing, however with my luck, I didn't want to chance it. My Dad has witnessed a Biondo fail during a burnout and the guy nailed the wall as a result, so that wasn't a feasible option, either.

    Ignore the BS about how all those line-locks "don't work" with ABS. Also, don't buy the Mustang installation kit if it's offered. It's made for Fox cars.

  16. Rice car , thats my brother in his 96 Probe GT 5 speed best run [email protected] this year, All-Motor, next year hes going with Turbocharger, his goal is 350 HP, and he has borla exhaust , I have video where he killed 04 Stang GT vert on track

    And I didn't use anything for burnout
  17. When i try to do a 2ng gear burnout I just smoke the clutch.... :shrug: ANd i have a spec stage 2. This is with a 3.55 rear. but the tires are only 255/40/17 so I shouldent think it should be a problem but I have smelled burning clutch enough times to not try it anymore. Anyone wanna give me some tips...maybe I will give myself one last shot to get it right.