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  1. stang has come up with yet ANOTHER problem. this one seems to take the cake because it's left me stranded three times in the past 2 days. my car keeps dying out on me on hills (both up and downhill). the most recent case involved me going up a hill, taking a yellow light (letting off the gas) and after completing the turn, i pressed on the gas and my car shut off. this has happened to me (the car turning off) three times already. i suspect it could be the fuel pump? but it only seems to happen when the car has been runnin for a bit. after it shuts off, it doesn't want to start until i let it sit for a bit, meaning like 20 minutes. it has no problem starting in the mornings or when i havent driven it. any suggestions? i'm going to change the fuel filter tomorrow and see if that helps any as well as clean my MAFS and throttle body. this is a real inconvenience so any help please!
  2. you're on the right track thinking the fuel pump is on the outs. by your description of your problem, i'm 99% sure a new fuel pump would solve your horsey woes. random stalling is not as much a giveaway as is it wont start unless it chills out for a while. my f250 was doin the same thing. it aint no more. new pump fixed er rite up..change the filter anyway, when you change the pump.
  3. MATiC,

    Your distributor stator is going bad. That's exactly how they fail, slowly over time. Soon it will die completely and your car will not restart.

    The stator is also called the PIP (Profile Ignition Pickup), or the Hall Effects Sensor.

    It is in the bottom of your distributor and you have to remove the distributor from the engine to replace it.

    Mine died in exactly the same mannner. Car would die for no reason. After a 5 to 10 minute cool-down it would restart. Finally, after about two weeks, it just died completely.

    Replace it and your good to go.
  4. thanks for the feedback..its kind of hard to decide on what it is now that u guys are both pretty sure it's one thing or the other. im on a real tight budget so i wouldn't want to buy one thing and it not be what i need. my car just tried to die on me again today while i was on a downhill slope. it didnt die becuz i gave it a bit of gas. i'll check with auto zone and checkers to see the prices on a fuel pump and a pip. thanks and any more suggestions would be great!
  5. My 93 LX is doing the exact same thing. It hesitates when I give it gas, and is also lacking in the acceleration department. The car just turned off after I was making a turn up a hill. I tried to crank it up immediately after it quit on me, but my efforts were futile to say the least. It cranked back up an hour or so later, and ran fine. I don't mean to hijack your thread, but it seems like the description of your stang woes fit mine. Good luck.
  6. atleast i know mine isn't the only stang this is happening to. if you find out what's wrong with yours, let me know because i need to know what to buy asap. that way i can ask my dad to front the money hah. :hail2:
  7. oh..quick question. i've more/less read on how to install an stator by myself but im not too experienced in auto repair and such. do you guys know how much it would be to have a mechanic put one in? with and without the part..i can get it from auto zone for 26.99.
  8. try the pip
  9. stator/pip, same difference...right? well, like i had asked before..if anyone knows how much it would be to install it, please let me know. or if anyone knows how to install it (link, a detailed how to) please let me know as well...i want to get this done tomorrow becuz i'm pretty much fed up with it.
  10. Well, if you don't want to buy the wrong thing, call around and find the cheapest quote to get your fuel pressure tested. If it's good, then you know the pump is bad.

    But it does sound like the PIP to me as well.

    Yank the plugs, and see what they look like! Easy & free check. Well, free anyway.
  11. you mean if the fuel pressure is good then the pump is GOOD..not i just changed the plugs maybe a month or two ago as well as the cap and rotor and wires. so i doubt it's them. i really am gonna lean torwards the pip because it's not as expensive as the fuel pump and i figure it's worth a shot. just need to find out how much it would be to install or if anyone can gimme a how to on doing it. i have a haynes manual (for 94-00 mustangs) but can't seem to find anything on it. if u happen to have the same manual and find it, let me know.

    edit: all i really need to know is, other than the distributor, what all do i need to take off to get to the pip/stator?