yet another suspension question

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by shelbe67, May 14, 2005.

  1. well todayI finnally put my new suspension in shocks struts mac upper and lower control arms steeda and sport springs. my question is has anybody had a problem putting the stock rear sway bar? I tried everything even swapped control arms from theleft to the right and nothing worked I was just wondering if I was te only one this has happened to and what did you guys do to correct it. also I know that I should get an alignment but I took the car for a ride no bumpsteer and the car tracks perfectly straight actually it drives better then before! whatdo you guys think should I get an alignment or just wait to see tire wear? thanks!
  2. if you didnt unbolt the stock caster/camber plates i think u should be fine :shrug:
  3. I thought so too but I am not sure. I am more concerned with the rear sway bar I know it aids a little with traction which I need with my car
  4. anyone else have problems with mac control arms and the rear sway bar?
  5. the reason the car drives better is a combination of all the mods you just did, also now you have more negative camber, it will handle better but you will wear the inside edge of the tire if you dont get it aligned.
  6. thanks I try to get analignment this week then. I guess nobdy has used the mac control arms