Yhe return of the 5.0

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  1. The "5.0" will be a modular motor. But I do like this concept.
  2. True.....but, I'm still hoping that it can be crammed into a Fox somehow:banana:
  3. Of course it can be...
  4. It's already well known that the mod motor can be put into a Fox.

    The new "5.0" will be a 302 ci mod motor, but it will still be nice to have the 302 back in name.
  5. We learn something new everyday. Thanks. Your girl was trying to tell me last night, but somehow, I couldn't bring myself to pay attention..j/k
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing (and possibly owning) a new Mustang. I've been waiting for the increase in displacement before I made the jump though.
  7. my dads buying the pirelli jones/steve saleen boss.. lol :D
  8. If it has any type of decent bottom end, im buying one.
  9. nice...i hope its not the one in the pic tho.....
  10. Hopefully it doesnt have a wing with CUP HOLDERS like other Boss cars. YES CUP HOLDERS!!!!!
  11. The one in the picture is a 05/06 stang with the boss graphic on it... It will probably be a little different from that.