yone ever painted or powdercoated their draglite wheels?

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  1. correct. Not a single OEM i am aware of PC's their wheels or even their brake calipers.

    PC'ing is an expensive process to do correctly and would be difficult to to on a mass scale.

    And yes, i've heard from plenty of PC'ers that their process is "safe". I've also spoken to many materials engineers who have reiterated some of the concerns with PC'ing such as taking the temperature up too high and rapidly cooling the part after.

    BUT, there are plenty of successful painting techniques out there that you dont need to PC. The OEM bullitt and FR500 anthracite wheels are painted and clearcoated and have a great finish IMHO...so it can be done very well with paint. Same goes for brake calipers...the OEM red bullitts and brembo brake calipers are painted...not PC'ed.
  2. true that, but thats hot rod culture, fox mustangs arent hot rods, i dont think it would work, i would rock that ratrod, but i cant see how our cars would look good with any kind of red, green, purple wheel, but i have been wrong before. I think these cars are a little understated and the wheels need to be clean and low key
  3. I've always wondered what a rat/trad rod Fox would look like. Big 'n littles on painted steel wheels with chrome lugs or caps, engine parts sticking through the hood (but not just a blower scoop, something more unique), flat or satin paint with Von Dutch style pin stripes, side exit exhaust (nothing gaudy), aluminum aircraft seats with NO carpet and an aluminum sheet metal dash/interior with fabbed gauge panel, 3-foot-long shifter, and a cut out cloth roof like what is shown below. I think if it was done right it would be the sickness. Bonus points if it's really fast. Like, mid 10 second fast.

  4. i was looking for something else and i found this, i dont hate it.... so i proved myslef wrong i guess

    then theres this car

    And this one just because its badass
  5. That notch 4 eye is one of the most fearsome cars I have ever seen. Specs?
  6. that first one is but ass ugly
  7. The cowl is way too big but I like the red wheels.
  8. the flat black car has a stroked 351w, i thinkkk a 106mm turbo and runs in the 8's. Oh yea, its a street car too
  9. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.
  10. Cool pictures of my car finally made a thread!! i feel warm inside.