You ever get tired while waxing and give up?

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  1. actually the first pic in this thread isn't a good example cuz right now my driver side pipes are closer to the tires than my passenger side due to my changing the x-pipe in and out for smog. The passenger side looks better right now untill i can even them out. Look at my av for how it's supposed to look. here are some crude pics of the set up

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  2. Thought it was just me... finally switched to Nano Wax because it comes off light as a feather and I about keeled over trying to get that Zymol off in 100-degree heat this past summer. Shines pretty good, too.
  3. Poorboys Natty's is my go to paste wax. I also love the ClearKote carnuba wax. I'm having a sale on my waxes right now if anyone is interested.
  4. where to get it and what kind of zymol do yall use?