you get what you pay for...lesson learned

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  1. ok so when i was accumulating parts for my 331 build, i opted for this 28 oz stroker flywheel: ebay item 330399018432 from maddog racing ( when i was assembling the engine i noticed the dowel pin holes were too small for the oem pins, so i turned the factory pins down to fit the holes. after assembled, i had a vibration at about 1200-1500 rpm. after trying to diagnose this, i started contacting the people i got my parts from. when i contacted maddog, the guy said "yeah, we had some bad flywheels, the holes are drilled wrong" so i had to take my trans back out, ship it back to them (at my cost) i had the guy measure the "revised flywheel" hole diameters to make sure they were the correct interference fit before shipping it to me, after about 2 weeks i finally got this thing on monday. well the dowel pin hole diameter is correct but now they are too shallow and wont allow the dowel pins to sit flush to the flywheel surface. :mad:

    so now i am tired of dealing with morons and cheap overseas crap so i am taking this to my machine shop to get the holes drilled deeper and i will never buy another cheap knockoff overseas underdeveloped misengineered half-a$$ piece of automotive crap again! :rolleyes:
    i hope you all can learn from my misery here, as i've spent too much time going backwards on this project because of wannabe manufacturers and my tendency to try and get the "best deal." well sometimes the best thing to do is just 'pay the man' and get the good stuff.
    end rant
    god bless america.

    on a lighter note, my new spec clutch arrived tonight and it is sexy!
  2. i seem to be (at least from what ive noticed) one of the few people who strictly uses big name companies. For the most part i can get everything i need from Summit, Jegs, LRS, and anything interior or detail wise from Like you said, theres no sense in having to ship things back, get things fixed. Id rather not risk it. But i guess you live and learn

    Good luck with the rest of your build though :nice:
  3. I always stick with larger companies.. less headaches in the long run.
  4. I'm with tanner, and I know the feeling of going backwards. By the time you make the cheap stuff actually work ( heads...cough) you have more money and especially time invested into that crap than if you just paid the man and bought the good stuff from the get go.

    "If it's too good to be probably is" So Friggin True!
  5. everything on my car (minus the temporary seats) is made in america
  6. Sorry to hear about your troubles....never fun having to redo things twice

  7. Not mine:

  8. ^WTF? Spoiler on the hood?
  9. "WTF? Spoiler on the hood?"

    with the kind of power that v6 is putting out you can't have too much down force!
  10. I wish people like that would just give me the money they want to piss away. :ban:
  11. Two rules to follow when spending your hard earned money

    1: Stay away from eGay and their "to good to be true deals"
    2: Make sure the parts are MADE IN U.S.A.!!

    I tell my customers my favorite motto. " I have money to do this once, not over"!
  12. ok , i got the flywheel drilled correctly today and will be installing it and my new spec clutch tomorrow night. tonight i had to wrap up my heads/cam swap. hopefully this flywheel thing will cure my vibration and i can go drive this thing to break everything in. the last time i was able to really drive this, it was almost stock. now i will have my 331 combo done, gear swap done, heads, cam, bolt ons, long tubes, etc. i cant wait to go racing! i've always raced f-body camaros so this year i will show up with a fox and hopefully smoke my lt1/ls1 companions :nice: