You GOTTA see this! My fogs BLINK to my music!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by AmBo, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Thanks!
  2. Check battery/alt... AutoZone will do it free right in the parking lot.
  3. Optima Red Top and a brand new alternator
  4. Just so you realize, they go ON when the bass hits. THAT just doesn't make sense. So it's not that the bass is drawing too much power...wiiiiierd
  5. what kind of yellow bulbs did you use...Nokia?
  6. WTF are you listening to?? maybe its morse code for stop playing this crap!! j/k

    would be kool at a cruise tho!

  7. either get a better alt or get a capacitor

    thats really weird ur headlights dont do it as well...must be in the many watts are u running with that system?
  8. You sure you don't have one of those modulators that blink lights to music?
  9. Or there could be a wire that is frayed and the bass is pounding enough to push it together...
  10. no, when your bass draws the current is needs no matter if you have a new battery or a new alt. or both, you car will loose some serious power, the way to fix is a capacitor, there around 50-150 $ But you will notice the differnce right off the bat and your light will never never dim. Also what is you amp rated at (watts, and ohms)
  11. omg guys the fogs aren't DIMMING they are turning ON when the bass hits! That's my dilemna!!

    The song was the bassiest song I could find on my iPod so shut it. Not on by choice. kthx.

    I know I need a capcitor. Xmas is around the corner.

    THe bulbs aren't yellow, they are stock bulbs but they look yellow compared to the HIDs. Anyone have anything worth me reading? :)
  12. I've never seen anything like that before. Straight up weird!

    As for a capacitor, you don't need one. They will not stop your headlights from dimming (not that it really pertains to you since you have the opposite going on) but unless you have a ton of speakers, capacitors are a waste of money. Getting a bigger alternator, another battery, or even upgrading your grounds in the engine bay would help, but not a capacitor.

    Check your foglight switch to see if it's moving when the bass hits. Either that, or as someone mentioned, it could be two wires being pushed together when the bass hits. Only thing I can think would cause power to go TO your fog lights.
  13. Another twist in the story...they stay on solid when the headlights aren't on. :shrug:

    They blink to the bass when the headlights get turned fully on. I give up...LOL
  14. joo got gremlins mang...
  15. :scratch: I have to wonder why that song is even on your I pod :rlaugh: J/K man :).

    I would check how you wired in the power to your amps...if you wired it in through the fuse box, it may be jumping ark. Also check your foglight switch and make sure the wires going into it are not loose.
  16. How did you wire your amp? What did you hook up the remote power wire (turn on/switched power) up to? Maybe you are tapped into the fog light power wire somewhere or maybe your lights are shorting somewhere and the bass is triggering it to work...its very strange to say the least. Try to find the fuse for the fogs and pull it and see if it has any effect on your stereo working.
  17. amp is fused into my radio fuse. So wierd guys. What makes it wierder is the fact that it works 100% perfect when the headlights are off and just the fogs are on. I turn on the headlights and bam, I got dancing fogs LOL!
  19. Wow great reply deft (perfect grammar too). You solved my issue. F'in tool. Why did I post this in Talk again? Oh yea, cuz I wanted all the jackasses to reply. :notnice: