You guys gotta see this....

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  1. I have never seen a cracked block like
  2. you need a bigger owned picture than that
  3. Holy mother of Jesus!!
    how in the hell did that happen just by spinning out at the racetrack? they didn't hit anything from what i read...
  4. donno man... thats pretty messed up motor. I think that "owned" may not be big enough for that
  5. Nothing some seafoam couldnt fix...

    Seriously though what could cause that? How often is the entire engine grenaded like that? He must have tried to blow the damn thing up.
  6. U mean JB weld?
  7. Gorrilla glue :shrug:
  8. nope, duct tape. That motor is seriously demolished, what could have done that?
  9. He should get a prize for that one...:hail2:

    Seriously, that thing is fawked up.
  10. I blew the original engine in my '83 Capri, 5.0 ya know, same as an '83 stang. And, the pulley and balancer looked like that from the outside, and inside was sooo bad, and I thought i'd never see anything worse, but....that takes it. OMFG, I cant imagine what must have broke, causing what kind of chain reaction to do that much damage all over....My god, maybe a rod bent and got caught and just all hell broke out...regardless teh most ****ed engine i've ever seen. If I blew my engine and it looked like that, and I built it myself...I'd never pick up a wrench again :rlaugh: I love how the one pic, you can see that the piston is in more than 20 pieces, and below it all the internals just laying around haha, wow WTF. And he said it was quiet!!!! Dude, when I blew mine, and, mind you it was about half the damage ( split my crank in half) it sounded like a dozen of those machines they use to break up concrete, all running at the same time for like 2 was horrible sounding. I cant imagine how that didnt sound like a bomb going off, or atleast a very loud rumble...........

    To the worst engine i've seen evar!!! :hail2:
  11. guys, make sure to check out pg 3 too! I only looked at the first page. On pg 3 is utter destruction! Mother of God! Im starting to think its a joke, I mean how the hell does that happen?
  12. Are you sure the engine just blew up from driving it and he didn't just fire a rocket launcher at the block?

    .........damn.....never seen anything like that.
  13. WOW!!!!:jaw: :eek: that looks like its fixable :D

    the crank is even broken :eek: that is someserious damage there
  14. Does anyone have the picture of it? I clicked on the link and all the pics have been removed.
  15. ah man what a ****, he took them down cuz he didnt want his dad to find out he put them on the interweb? what a turd.
  16. ha ha good thing i had already seen them! what a weenie for taken them down.