You Guys were right!!!! I shoulda got hood pins!! I NEED HELP QUICK!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Kdubslugga, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Bowtiekiller you have jinxed should never tell anyone or speak outloud that you have gotten away with something for so long. .........The Mustang demons are now dancing around your car waiting for you....

    Seriously though, a little insurance by adding the pins does not hurt. I went two years before I put mine on. Mine never popped up or anything, but I put them on for insurance. I dont have the extra cash to repair all the things that I need to, so I need to make sure that something doesn't happen cause I didnt take an extra step to prevent it.
  2. Heres a scary one. I was driving my old Berreta at about 100- 110 or so. Just for SAG. I was a complete moron. I bought the car wrecked and pulled the front rad support and frame/bought a front clip from the bone yard. Anyways, that hood flew open on side - flew off over the passenger side and broke off my car! Yes, the bolts were tight! I guess the other bolts werent! Scary $hit
  3. So what exactly is the purpose of those metal wires? I like the way hood pins look, but the wires ruin it.

    Also, can I see pictures of your guys' cars with hood pins?
  4. i think the wires look better on muscle cars, like eleneors!

    if you have the hood pins do you still need to install the hood latches?
  5. The wires are there so you won't lose the pins. I have the FRPP kit with Summit chrome hair pins. I don't use the wires as I think they look like crap and they will eventually rub the paint.
  6. Pictures anyone?
  7. if you dont like the wires, buy some of those mini padlocks, and put those on inplace of the pins

    no wires to worry about, and no one can steal the locks (they are locks, right? :D )