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  1. I know there are a lot of threads asking this question but I'm going to try and make it as easy as possible to answer.

    I'm looking to spend $500 on performance modifications within the next month or so. (Not $600, not $505... ok maybe $505, but I really am shooting for as close to $500 as possible) My mods so far are listed in my sig.

    My goal for the car is to be an almost entirely street car. I go to the track MAYBE 2-3 times a year, so it's not a track car by any means. I want a lot of low end torque, with as much horsepower as possible obviously. WOT power isn't all that important to me, I'm mostly looking for low-end street fun. (Obviously if the high-end power came with it too that would just be a plus)

    I'm finally getting the car's paint fixed, and I want a bit of a performance boost to go along. So finally my question...

    Given this information, how would you spend my $500?
  2. i was gonna say LT headers + h pipe but you already have exhaust.

    cobra/gt40 intake or some giggle gas gets my vote
  3. If you can find an Exploer 5.0 you could pull the heads and intake ($300-400). Get a $60 elbow adaptor. Use the rest for gaskets and spark plugs.
  4. If I was to call a junkyard to see if they have these... what years of Explorer would I want? I don't know what years of Explorers had 5.0's. And what year/model/whatever would a GT40P come off of?

    Sidenote: Plugs were replaced less than 10k ago, just didn't really think that was a worthwhile addition to my sig lol.
  5. I believe 97-01 Explorers had the 5.0L. The later models have the GT40P heads while the earlier models have the GT40 heads. I am sure the GT40 heads use different plugs than the stock E7TE heads. That's why I mentioned adding plugs.
    You'll also find that the intake came in two varieties. This should only matter to the Fox crowd. This is because the 94-95 uses an external EGR setup and bolts up to the elbow adapter. We can use any 5.0 Explorer intake.
  6. Oh wow, I'm a moron. If I had given that comment more than 1/2 second thought I would have connected with what you meant lol. Alright, I'll have to look into that. I'm picking up some other parts from a junkyard (little stuff, a trunk shock, etc.) and I'll have to ask if they have any Explorer parts lying around. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it!

    Any other ideas/comments/pieces of advice?
  7. N2O takes my vote. With an adj. FPR. I prefer Dry for some reason. Cheaper, easier, and far more power than the heads
  8. I would agree with you on a car that sees more track time than street. But, a decent N2O kit will be right at or exceed $500 new. Also, you have to refill that bottle sometime. When that bottle is empty or not in use you are stuck with the stock engine setup. The heads and intake will give a noticable increase in performance on a daily driver Mustang and will always be there.

    Just my opinion though:)
  9. thumper heads? :shrug:
  10. Thumper heads? You're going to need to elaborate on this one for me.
  11. thumper heads are basically ported/worked over stockers
  12. Intake manifold. However you decide to do it, the stock piece is restrictive.

    FYI - If I remember when I did my TF, the intake upper/lower was 399, the elbow like 85, and gasket set was 12 bucks or so.

  13. you can probably find a complete explorer engine. get a 98 plus model year and take the heads and intake.....use your stock cam for now.
  14. Would it have to be 98+? I thought 302's in Explorer's started in 96-97?
  15. Doesn't have to be but the latter years have the GT40P heads which flow better than the GT40 heads from the earlier years.
  16. Not really, i got my Zex kit for 410 shipped brand new. And a Adjustible FPR is like 50, well mine was. Unless he does alot of street racing. that bottle should last at least 2 months.
    It also depends if theres a certain car he wants to beat. Like say an LS1, hes defenetly gonna be better of with the N20.
  17. +1 for the heads/intake.

    Get the intake parts from the later Exploder and portmatch the ports. You'll see a gain of about 30-40 hp but it will always be there. (No bottle to re-fill at $40 a pop.) You should be able to score the intake parts for about $300 at the JY. You can use a hand drill (Slow but effective...and cheap.) and a carbide bit ($50) to port-match the heads and intake. That leaves $150 for a valve job and gaskets. Do some shopping around and be frugal about it and $500 is very do-able. Good luck!!!!

    PS--"Thumper" heads are going to be way out of your budget, as even getting the heads will not be an improvement until you replace the OE GT intake. The Explorer parts are "pretty good", even to skeptics. ;)
  18. Thanks for the input, it sounds more and more like this is the way to go. I've called a few junkyards in the area but none of them have any Explorer intakes and/or heads. I'll have to expand my search, we'll see how it goes! Once again, thanks for all the input everyone, feel free to continue with any other ideas or add-ons!
  19. There is where the elbow grease comes in. You're prolly gonna have to scout the JY's on a regular basis, tools in hand. These trucks are starting to become more common there. You'll also have to get there before one of us does. ;)

    The ONLY thing you'll wanna get off that vehicle are the heads and upper and lower intakes. That would be a pretty good score. :)
  20. hell, if you can find a low miledge block, swap the whole deal.

    I found one with 55k for $650......that was probably 2+ years ago....still running strong