Your next Project or unique car....

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  1. hey guys i was just curious what some of you have up your sleeves or have thought about...i cant have no more projects and my 5.0 will never be done, school started and i havent had a mustang bite in a while.....havent seen any good foxes in person or been to the drags or anything in a good while.... just wanted to know what cars you thought are unique in the 5k price range.....

    i once almost bought a turbo tacoma(probably can dig up the thread on here,)it was fast running like 29psi of boost but had problems....the guy was asking 3k for it, i wish i bought it cause the truck had no rust or anything and a ext cab tacoma brings good money it ran and everything probably could have took off the turbo and brought the truck back to stock sold it and the turbo kit for profit :(
    i always thought a 97+ 4wd dakota slammed with a turbo would be unique... kind of like a wrx or evo but in truck form... to bad you cant lower a 4wd truck down to sports car ride height, cause i would love to see a sti drivers face when he heard a bov from a just realised how cool i think turbo trucks are....hmmmm
  2. I am seriously wanting to build a 28-31 Ford roadster pick up. I want it very traditional.
  3. i really would like to do a turbo project. either on my car or another car.

    i want to see how my supercharger setup is going to do at the track once i get it dialed in perfect. then i could either pull the blower stuff off and put the turbo setup on, or get another mustang and do a slow build up there... would be nice to start with a new mustang project and keep my 91 like it is. the vortech makes really good power but only at higher rpms (only makes alot of boost at like 4500+)

    which isnt too bad for the lower gears on the street, keeps the bottom end soft, so a little feathering of the throttle and the car doesnt do too bad from a stop or slow roll. but if i am going down the highway, and use 3rd and 4th gear (dont have any traction issues in these gears) i have to wait for the rpms to get up high before the car starts really pulling hard.

    with a turbo it would would spool up alot faster and make more power in the midrange and be able to move the car quicker with a broader range of good useful power. not to mention a turbo will make the same power at lower boost pressures as the vortech.

    i'll worry about turbos once i get my current combo running its best at the track.
  4. Ah, 89 will be **** ***** and a ********* in a few years.
    '69 mach 1 408 11.5:1 and a 300 shot. Someday...
  5. ah good to see you guys still on tempted to buy a sn95 v6.. they are like 500-1500 for a nice one around here and build a 2.3t.....but a v8 swap would be cheaper...... :(... or if i can find a decent 4banger notch for under 1k its mine right now...... school or not....i would love to just have something to turbo i would turbo a stock 2.3l block i dont care if it blew or not....then i would build from there, if it didnt catch eveything on fire and make me relaize how tupid of a idea it really was....
  6. my after college car will be a white 85/86 coupe. drag car. "stock suspension" mini tub. drag radial, "small block" (400+ cubes) AFR's, and either a direct port, or the NX dual stage plate. shooting to put it into the 10's.
  7. I want a Dune buggy, a street legal Dune buggy. I almost bought one when I was 21 off my fathers friend but the deal never happened. I never lost the itch to get one!
  8. A bagged and body dropped...

    Or maybe a last gen Supra with...

    So many cars out there, so little time!
  9. There are hundreds of different ideas that I have for Mustangs, FARRRR too many to list, but at this very moment I want a Jeep! 87-95 Wrangler preferably, i dont want to go crazy with it but i love a wrangler with a small lift slightly oversized tires and a few extra lights. Just a cool daily driver.
  10. If I had a place and the money I would take a 86-89 Nissan truck ext cab and do a 351 conversion. Stockish height (I hate slammed and lifted trucks) some big fat tires in the back; maybe do the extra credit and make it 4wd, then I would go Tyco Bandit and put a light bar on the front in in the bed.
  11. 1970-73 f-body, preferably a bird with an LS2/t-56 combo. after the mustang is done I plan to start something along those lines. my wife is itching for a 48-54 GMC pickup I may do one of those instead and give it to her.
  12. I always wanted to do an HO swap on an older (86-89) Lincoln Town Car, Crown Vic, or Grand Marquis to use either as a DD or a nice road-trippin' car. :shrug:
  13. When I'm done with the Mustang (in a long while) I want to restore my SHO. Its a fun car but the body and paint need some help. That will be a fun project. I want my SHO to be mint. Im keepin it for a looooong time and the Mustang is here to stay as well.
  14. Impossible to say. I have a few ideas:

    1) sleeper notch
    2) mild notch for frequent use/show
    3) classic retromod
    4) S197 daily/show for the woman
    5) she already owns an old Galaxie that she wants to restore (she used to do bodywork since pops runs his own body/paint shop) and I'd love to finish the build for show duties too :)

    So, in summation, WHO THE HELL KNOWS. Until then I'll just keep thinking of other ideas to make it harder to decide. It'll probably come down to what she wants, then I'll have fun doing it ;)
  15. Im going to build a restomod 71 Challenger R/T next. Stock appearing interior and exterior with new age technology suspension. Crate hemi (old style or new?) with a Shaker hood. Be a multi year project but I have always wanted one!
  16. I am currently working on this. This is what it looked like when I got it, but not what is going to look like when we're done.
    This one's going on the rotesserie.
  17. If I were done with my mustang and I wanted to get divorced, I'd get either an 89 turbo t/a or a grand national. I'm not done with my mustang and I don't want to see how insane I can get my wife by buying another project, so... She just reminded me I had a garage full of parts so I guess I should start putting them on. I'm not sure that's how she meant it tho.
  18. A T56 swapped GN, GNX or TTA would be a badass car! :D
  19. The only problem with getting a GNX besides the price is I wouldn't be able to bring myself to modify it at all. I used to do a lot of paperwork for Dennis Kirban and I couldn't believe how much he was getting for GNX's with under 1000 miles.
  20. Id get a GN and GNX it... not problems :D Some 17" versions of the stock wheels, wide tires out back, (like 345 Drag Radials), 6-speed in there and one hell of a built motor...

    Getting me all happy just thinking of the possibilities.