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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GT/CS07, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. I have been all over the place and I have looked at a lot of set ups. I am finally getting the chance to lower my 07 GT/CS. However I am a little concerned putting both the front and rear springs on because the front already sits pretty low on the California Special. Anyone here lower theirs all the way around or did you just do the rears? Have any pictures? How is it over speed bumps as that is pretty much what it is like going over getting in my drive way? As always thanks for the responses.
  2. I am thinking that I might just drop the rear then. My city loves speed bumps not to mention coming into the driveway there is a nice dip.
  3. Lowering just the rear is weak in my opinion :notnice:. But I dont see many speed bumps and avoid them if I do see them. So who am I to say.

    I would go all the way around with Eibachs and D-Specs.
  4. I have speed bumps and never scrape anything, my car is lowered 2 inches all around.
  5. I would leave it alone.
  6. I have the FRPP 1.5" handling pack and speed bumps are no problem neither are steep dirveways
  7. Eiback Pro Kit and D-Specs, for me. No issues, and south Florida loves speed bumps. As far as the driveways.... Just go in at an angle. Also, don't pull all the way up to parking stops. GT/CS + Lowering springs + parking stops = nightmares. That's the only issue. It's well worth the performance.