your thoughts on a Trailblazer SS

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  1. I just talked to the dealership and Ill prob be picking one up within the next couple weeks. I know its not a Mustang or a ford But wanted to see what you guys thought about the truck. Good or bad doesnt matter.
  2. one of my freinds has one. the only thing i have agains the truck is its all wheel drive which means no burnouts:(

    it is a cool truck though. tune, exhaust, and intake should be over 450 rwhp so thats always nice:nice:
  3. there not all AWD they have a 2wd as well you have the choice on the Trailblazers the SRT8 is only AWD
  4. Not sure if I read your comment right but the srt8 is a dodge name.
  5. They are pretty sweet. But hey, if you change your mind, the Cherokee SRT-8 is also a good choice. Raped my friend's stage 2 srt 4 the other night. Fast sons of ****es.
  6. The LS2 is nice. I say go for the 2WD .... and avoid the AWD version. You can tow more with the 2WD anyway ...... but if you want to know the real reason to avoid them .... just take a look under the front of the truck. You will immediately spot the problem.
  7. whats the problem, my friend wants one of those???

  8. The front differential is bolted to the driver's side of the oil pan. The front axle runs THROUGH the oil pan!

    So what's the big deal? Well .... try to put a lift on it, you're screwed. Have an accident .... you get all kinds of damaged stuff. I don't know about you guys, but I don't like the sound of that. That's GM, though.

    BTW, this is only in reference to the AWD one. The 2WD one's have the same oil pan ...... but obviously not a front differential.
  9. thats gay,
  10. My Uncle Bill had a 04 Trail Blazer, he's a traveling salesman and puts about 35K per year on a car, and he gets a new one every 3 years. He said that it was nice, but it didn't really do it for him.

    He just traded it in for a 07 Tahoe LTZ, and he's in love with it. The Tahoe also has engine management where it kicks 4 cylinders off on the highway. Even WITH that, it gets 17 MPG total. I'm not sure if the TB SS has that?

    Something to think about, while the LS2 actually isn't bad for mileage, that trailblazer probably weighs 2 tons more then the vette. It's gonna DRINK gas.

    I personally think the Trailblazer SS is very attractive vehicle, and definately wouldn't mind pulling up in one.

    I can't believe that the AWD version runs the axle through the oil pan, that is asking for a superfund site everytime there is a car accident!

  11. 2 tons is 4000 lbs more.
  12. my buddy has one. And we go from where I live to Kalamazoo and on a full tank of gas going there he only used a quarter of a tank and that wasnt always being easy on it and thats and a reff est. thats about a 170 miles there. I mean yea its not a gas saver by any means lol but its a sweet truck
  13. doh. I meant 1 ton. 2 thousand pounds.:bang:
  14. Personally i am not a fan of GM or their engineering skills. Look at what it will take to maintain it... Can you do your own oil changes, plugs, etc.. I bet you can't.. GM is good for that...
  15. I love the looks of the SS! Very sweet ride. I don't know a lot about the durability of them yet, as there are only a few people I know of that have one, and they're all still extremely low mileage. If it's what you want, go for it! I agree with going with the 2wd version though for sure...
  16. SS is SWEEEET

    The SS is nice in the trailblazers but the ride is not smooth in any of them. It feels like you are riding around on worn shocks. I seriously about bought one but talked myself out of it. It was the LTZ extended package. Sweet ride but I could not get past the swaying.
  17. a buddy of mine has one. he let me drive it, and i wasn't that impressed. i thought handled like ****, and was sluggish of the line. hands down my brothers XP8 saleen explorer(explorer xpress superchager equiped) would kill it in the corners and toast it off the line. Didn't have to pay the big price tag of the SS either. I think he bought it used for like 22 grand. Good luck finding one though, only a hand full built. there slogan says it best "power in the hands of a few".
  18. Wow, that Exploder is sweet.

    I wish someone would make a supercharger kit like that for our cars. It's the same freakin' engine .... but all that's available to us is a KB or a centrifugal blower kit. They could make a killing off of that .... because I'm sure they could sell it for alot less than a KB kit.
  19. it would be expesive becasue you would have to convert our cars to a distibuterless ignition. notice where the pulley is. No Dizzy. you would have to mock up something out of explorer parts, or even the kit from MSD.