your turn stangnet.

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  1. foxmustangman your a douche for doing that
  2. So does the buck tooth vert still have a reverse after that reverse burn out :rlaugh:

    When I was 15 I snuck out my 84 GT350 and played with it in the dirt just like that. It was alot of fun till a rock hit the fuel line and broke it off:nonono: Was not fun pushing it out of the dirt, nor explaining to dad why the car was so dirty:(
  3. Same here. But I had none to begin with. He just went farther into the negative.

  4. LOL

  5. Um wow, yeah... Way to be gay. :notnice:

    And who puts a ~ in front of their name in their signature? Only girls do that.

    And the rims don't even look that great on a GT-500, and they really don't belong on a LX vert.

    Here's my old '68 347 powered GT:

    That is all. I should go back to where I belong now. :nice:
  6. 1968 302 Block
  7. wow, I think I just lost IQ
  8. oh ok i see.

    when you said 68 i was thinking you ment my 1968 347 powered mustang...