Yup.. New guy here.

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  1. My name is Mark and I just got around to registering here after lurking around for a while. I am currently restoring a 66 Coupe that had the 6 replaced with an 8, and 4 speed toploader replacing the original C4. I also have a 65 Coupe waiting in the wings when I'm done with the 66. I do all the work myself and use the knowledge of guys who have "been there done that". Hope that I can pass along some of the things I run into and help as much as I am helped.
  2. Welcome! :)
  3. Welcome! Where ya from?
  4. Hey am new here to just signed up 5 mins ago am Ernie from California I got a 67 mustang coupe it had a 289 and am converting to a 302 my 6 year old daughter claimed it for herself so am doing a complete restoration and doing some modification like disc brakes all around new crankshaft, camshaft, hydraulic lifters, forged 302 speed pro .030 over, holley double pumper carb 650 cfm, headers, and I need to get a complete wiring harness next
  5. Hey Ernie, welcome to Stangnet.

    You should snoop around the classic forum and start your own thread there with lots of pictures (we like pictures here). Tell us your plans and ask for any help you might need, there are some real knowledgeable gearheads here.

    Ernie, be sure to start a new thread of your own, that way people will see what you are doing. When you post on another person's thread, you'll only have the members reply that went to the original posters thread.

    The guy's thread you posted on isn't an active member anymore. This is an old thread.

    It's good to have you with us, and remember, post pictures!