Zaino'd the Shaker GT... new pics inside (death to 56K)

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  1. Over the 4th of July weekend, I spent some quality time with my Mustang and some product I read about here called Zaino. I've seen the photos of the mirror reflections that Zaino gives, so I thought... what the heck, lets give it a try. I was blown away at how much better the car looked after Zaino (compared to some of the other products I've used in the past). Well worth the investment. Yesterday I took the car out for a nice photo shoot in the late afternoon and evening, here are some of my favorite shots.









    There are more shots from the shoot on my website, I just didn't want to post them all here. This past weekend I also hit my Range Rover with Zaino. Being black, it really shows a difference with Zaino... check this reflection:

  2. Looking good man:nice:
  3. I Zainod my car, can't tell a difference between that and Meguiars spray wax, god damn silver. :(

    You have a very clean vert, very nice.
  4. nice car man but sometimes i miss the white stripes you had but looks real good now with that rear bumper and i absolutley love the v8 badge on the rear:nice:
  5. looking good
  6. Nice looking car. That's pretty much what I want to do to my vert. Where did you get your Mach1 hood and how much if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Awesome looking car man!!

    The guy who used to own my car used Zaino on it everytime.. That sucker was sooooooooooooo shiny when I bought it.. but it's worn off since, still doesn't look as good even when I used Meguiar's NXT :(
  8. Yeah nothing like zaino...that stuff is well worth every penny!!
  9. Very nice!!!:nice: Too bad ford never made a Mach in a vert!! :nono:
  10. I decided to spend the money also and try Zaino. For one I couldn't believe how easy it was to do and really didn't take much time. I put on two coats of the Z2 with the ZFX & used Z6 in between. I really love the Z6 gloss spray.



  11. Hey guys.. thanks for all the compliments. Yeah, Zaino is da bomb. Love that stuff.

    I got my Mach 1 hood off of eBay for a very reasonable price. I bought the shaker and brakets from Kar Kraft. You can check my website (see signature) for more information.

    My best friend was just commented when looking at the pictures that he also misses the white stripes... I took some of the photos yesterday the same spot I had in the past, so that I could do a comparison of what a difference a year makes... check them out:

    June 2005

    June 2006

  12. that joint looks good either way:nice: but dont get me wrong i love the way it looks right now keep up the good work very tasteful appearence mods

    i dont think it would look quite right with the shaker and the stripes along with the chin spoiler so i think it was a good addition or subtraction in some ways
  13. Must say your stang looks awesome! :nice:
  14. Looking sweet as always, I dont like verts too much but yours changed my mine when I first seen it with the white stripes! And that Rover is awesome as well man, post more pics (some from the side, looks like its got some nice wheels)!

  15. Thanks man.

    Thanks. Here's some more photos of the Rover after I did the Zaino treatment. Its a 2001, 4.6 HSE, black on black. Road wheels are the 22" chrome rims that are on it.... also have a set of 16" Discovery rims for off road use.

  16. I didn't want to hijack MM, BUT thought I'd show you the pics of mine since I'm back now. I couldn't get the shaker centered due to issues with my engine placement after my QA1 (This will be remedied with either a custom bracket or replacing with a UPR K)





    Other than not being able to center the shaker, I'm really happy with the hood and the CAI. Thanks for your input in the prior thread.

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  17. mmm... purrrrrrty. that does look nice. Had I not found the hood on eBay, I was really considering going with the CF hood. Are you goign to keep yours exposed CF, or paint it to match?
  18. I did mine many years ago, but your posting is the first time that I read that anyone else had the problem with not being able to center the shaker. I could not center mine, even with all the adjustments to their extreme.

    The problem is that the KK design tries to use the same, long, bolt to go thru two different sets of holes in their front brackets. These holes really need to be off-centered from each other by about 1/2" to 3/4" for the shaker scoop to center with the hood. I ended up making a new front bracket myself. It is sort-of "C" shaped, with one leg of the "C" about 3/4" longer than the other. That provides the required 1/2" to 3/4" offset. I made the bracket out of 1" flat stock I got from Home Depot.

    I might as well throw my pics into the mix too. :D



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  19. can you post pics of the bracket please? I can't decide if I want to go through the hassle of installing the new k-member or just making a bracket.

    The only reason I can't center it is because the QA1 wasn't drilled right for the engine mounts and the engine tilts to the pass side about 2-3 inches. I don't blame QA1 at all, its mostly my fualt for not pumb bobbing and drilling to fit.