zero fuel pressure

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  1. Initial start up indicates 30-40 psi, after horseing it a few times, indicated fuel press. will drop to still runs fine. Thought it might be indication, but I would think it would be different if the gauge (autometer) or sending unit was on the out. And, as I play with fire, I can see the press come up, from indicated zero to 60/80 as the FMU kicks in....any thoughts as to the cause, I've looked at all connections, mechanical and electrical, I happen to have new pump/regulator/filter in the garage, maybe its one of them on the out...
    any ideas, searched with "fuel pressure" only found alot of "what should press. be", etc., nothing as it aplies to me..
    let me know,
    thanks, Hef
  2. If you have no fuel pressure your car will die, period. I had it happen to me on the freeway, I started losing fuel pressure and the car steadily started slowing down, once it reached 0 the car died and that was it.

    As far as what the problem is, I'd check out the sender/wires, check to see if everything is nice and snug on the sender and on the back of the gauge.
  3. So is the car leaning out and detonating? Is that 60/80 w the FMU correct? By that I mean is that wat the pressure should be when the FMU kicks in? If its running fine and not pinging I think it may be the gauge or sender or the wiring between the two.
  4. I opted not to use a FMU and upgrade my fuel system instead, so I don't really know how to answer your questions regarding it, but a free bump instead.
  5. I've inspected the connections, mechanical and electrical, eapecially the grounds, all are good/tight/clean. Car runs fine, no det./pinging, just indicates zero on the gauge. I'm waiting for a reply from autometer, see if they have any info on OHMing out the sending unit, new ones are too pricey to start shotgunning parts. We'll see what happens...