Zerocool Made it to LA

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by duner, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. I spoke with Jerry this afternoon. He made it to LA in good shape. He left Bearverton at 8pm last night and made it home around 4pm today. He was already whining about the smog. :D

    He'll check in when he gets settled.

  2. Well, we lose one and we get one back. Paul is coming back. Talked to him today and he should be back by tomorrow night. :flag:
  3. Yup I just talked to him today too :D :nice: ..and i'm glad Jerry made it there safely!!!!
  4. Well, I am here, it's pouring freaking rain! I can't get into my car because the street I live on is flooded.The water comes up to my front bumper! Damn it! At least I got to put down the top this morning.
  5. Well its raining up here too, no more timeslips for me...
  6. Who would've thought ... move from Oregon to California and get rained out of your car the week you're there... :lol:

  7. So I was getting on the freeway, the road was flooded, didn't see the curb. Anyone have hook ups on tires? :owned:
  8. I do... but you dont live up here no more so :p
  9. Neither does he! Jerry try ebay :D lol you should know that :rlaugh:
  10. Why didn't you take the Honda? Did you screw up your rim as well? Sounds like the Razor bite cha :D

  11. It was stuck in knee high water. I didn't want to open the door on it. It is sunny now though, no more rain predicted! Had me some in n out yesterday, gonna hit up some wienersnitzel today. Hey Cory, were you in Japan when the earthquakes hit?

  12. Don't forget Tommie's!! And Phillipe's! And Pinks! and.......
  13. ... fat burger, and randy's donuts...
  14. .....pete's patio, Louis in Compton, Quick n Split in goes on and on!