Zex users help with install!!!

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  1. which wire do i need to tape for the tps what color is it on our cars also does any one have pics as to where to mount the management unit also what spark plugs to use has any used the zexs own spark plugs?????:D
  2. the wire that you hook up to your tps is the middle one. My box is inside my car, and it was a bitch getting all hoses in and out the car. you just neep to use copper plugs, that are colder. im running two degrees colder.(Damn i actually gave useful information lol!!!!)
  3. This is an OLD pic, but you should get the idea.

    I traded someone for an MSD ST Brace mount. Basically it's a piece of alum. that has holes drilled to mount on the firewall where the ST bolts are.


    I used a quick connect on the TPS line, so I could quickly disconnect it when pulling the intake off, and reroute it under the intake elbow. :nice:

    Oh and I use Autolite 24s gapped at .035.

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  4. What they said. I just hooked up my kit that I wasnt using on my friends Acura and it was a breeze to install. If you want to double check on the TPS wire, back probe each wire and it will be the one that is X.XX volts with the throttle closed, and around 5 volts at WOT. Im going to be mounting my NMU inside my fender and everything will be completly hidden. If you run the nitrous line under your car, run it through a subframe or something to protect it a little.
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  6. i am just curious as what wire is the right tps wire to tape would u guys know because i dont have a way to test for volts also where to get the vacume line from?? any pics please
  7. its the middle wire on the tps connection. The vacume line that connects to the fuel pressure regulater and the intake you use those 2.
  8. If Guero can install this, then my 11month kid can do it as well.