2001 Cobra vs 2003 Mach 1 Buy which?

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  1. Yeah, that was another thing that killed it for me. IMO, the Mach 1 is a car best left stock looking.

    Maybe a little stance drop and a window tint, but otherwise leave it alone. I think I remember once seeing someone with a set of deep dish Mach 1 wheels (or wheels that looked very similar) and they looked outstanding. Otherwise....just nothing else looks right on that car.
  2. From what i have read on Mach 1 registry the 99 cobra did not produced the 320 that ford was saying...only in 01 that the cobra made 320.Ford had a 340hp motor for the 02 cobra that was never produced and from some an insider saying that the Mach 1 got that motor and ford only rated it at 305 so that the cobra owners and buyers would not freak out. The mach 1 is putting 290 at the wheel on dyno stock so at 15% that 334hp.Mine with just a tune ,full exhaust,CAI,4;10 is putting 317RWHP.
    So for those thinking if the 01 cobra is faster...not a chance!!! Hope this helps
  3. I agree....just bought mine for $16,000 / 13,500 miles / stock / like new....
  4. Yes....alot of the rating are not accurate....they have plenty of power !