Saleen Vortech intake, anyone running one on their foxbody

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  1. I've got a saleen vortech intake manifold that I'm in the process of installing into my 1992 5.0 coupe. Problem I've into is that it doesn't have a vacuum tree to run pcv, fpr, among other things. So, does anyone know where I can get a vacuum tree for this intake. Or what other Ford vehicle I can pull this vacuum tree from. Maybe someone has a spare one they'd like to sell that'll work. Here's a picture of a saleen intake I found online that's running it in the back.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I beleive those intakes are Saleen-branded Holley SystemMAX intakes


    Knowing that might help tracking down the info you need
  3. Look closely and see if you can find what is wrong with this pic...
  4. EGR spacer incorrectly orientated?
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