1. W

    Intro and question on hoods

    Hey all - I'm very excited to be taking delivery of a 2003 GT on Monday! Black, 5 speed, and only ~52K miles. I'm planning to add the obligatory chin spoiler and Mach 1 grill, and then after that, I'd really like to swap out the hood. The stock "scoop" just doesn't do it for me, I'd much...
  2. 93CalypsoConvert

    Fox Hood flew up while driving.

    Driving the other day and my hood flew up. Screwed up the cowl area pretty bad... Hood is toast and my hinges are all beat up. I was quoted $1150 for full repair of just the metal... Don't really want to pay that much for such a small area of damage. Has anyone fix this themselves or have any ideas?
  3. 1

    '68 Shelby Ram Air Style Hood for '69 Coupe

    Hey guys, I have a 1969 Mustang Coupe, that I am in the process of restoring, and I am looking for a ram air hood that resembles the hood of a 1968 Shelby GT500. I have searched and searched but cannot seem to find anything solid, so I am assuming this will have to be a custom project or I...
  4. Saberdemon

    For Sale 1969-1970 mustang hood

    So I have an extra metal hood that’s just taking up space. This hood came from CJ Pony and is still in the cardboard. I am not looking to get rich off this thing, but I would Like to make a couple bucks so let’s say I will take $150 for it if you come get it here in Mount Airy, Maryland.
  5. C

    1969 mustang hood

    I was going to buy a 1969 hood for my 1966. I was wondering if I bought the hood would it fit on my 1966
  6. F

    2002 Ford Mustang Hood Latch Cable.

    Oh boy do I have so many questions about things... A lot of work to be done to this 2002 Mustang GT Silver. I love it but man is it a pain in the ass sometimes... This is first of many! Message me if you think you'd be able to help with more of my questions! Anyways. One day when I was on...
  7. Sketchy_GT

    Fox Fiberglass Hood/pins

    i have a 1988 LX fox that i am semi restoring and i have a fiberglass hood to go on the car and the car will eventually be street/strip so im gonna put 4 hood pins on the car and make it just a lift off hood, any suggestions on making that install easier on me
  8. V

    Paint and Body Creating A Hood Scoop (non Functioning) On 2004 V6

    Hello. I have a stock 2004 Mustang V6. And I am looking to modify my hood with either a scoop or another design, just to change the look of the car. Any advice or ideas to do so? I know you can buy separate hoods online, and I am okay doing so. But if I can modify the one I have now, I would...
  9. Coyote Stipes


    Just installed a steeda cold air intake on my 2012 boss 302, minor fitment issue with the heat shield putting my cervini carbon hood in a bind by not allowing the hood to latch closed. Should I try and trim down the top of the shield or remove the shield altogether?? Also experiencing a small...
  10. XtianAv

    Gt Hood Swap For Ecoboost

    Has anyone tried to put in a GT hood with vent blinkers on an ecoboost? Instead of buying an aftermarket hood with a similar look for my 2016 Ecoboost, I'd much rather had the factory hood with integrated blinkers on the vents.
  11. R

    Paint and Body Headlight/bumper/hood Alignment

    Looking at buying a notchback roller for a project. The attached picture shows the front of the car. The void around the headlamps seem to be a bit on the large side. Nothing else on the vehicle seems to be out of alignment, the bumper feels solidly mounted, and the headlamps are firmly bolted...
  12. P

    Expired 1968 Shelby Hood, Valances, Fastback Decklid

    I have a 68 mustangs Shelby hood, fiberglass, unpainted. I bought a fastback project from a guy but am doing an Eleanor style restoration so I have no need for this hood. It it complete and undamaged except for a superficial scratch. I also have a decklid (original sheet metal, no rust), front...