1. 1

    '68 Shelby Ram Air Style Hood for '69 Coupe

    Hey guys, I have a 1969 Mustang Coupe, that I am in the process of restoring, and I am looking for a ram air hood that resembles the hood of a 1968 Shelby GT500. I have searched and searched but cannot seem to find anything solid, so I am assuming this will have to be a custom project or I...
  2. Saberdemon

    For Sale 1969-1970 mustang hood

    So I have an extra metal hood that’s just taking up space. This hood came from CJ Pony and is still in the cardboard. I am not looking to get rich off this thing, but I would Like to make a couple bucks so let’s say I will take $150 for it if you come get it here in Mount Airy, Maryland.
  3. C

    1969 mustang hood

    I was going to buy a 1969 hood for my 1966. I was wondering if I bought the hood would it fit on my 1966
  4. F

    2002 Ford Mustang Hood Latch Cable.

    Oh boy do I have so many questions about things... A lot of work to be done to this 2002 Mustang GT Silver. I love it but man is it a pain in the ass sometimes... This is first of many! Message me if you think you'd be able to help with more of my questions! Anyways. One day when I was on...
  5. Sketchy_GT

    Fox Fiberglass Hood/pins

    i have a 1988 LX fox that i am semi restoring and i have a fiberglass hood to go on the car and the car will eventually be street/strip so im gonna put 4 hood pins on the car and make it just a lift off hood, any suggestions on making that install easier on me
  6. V

    Paint and Body Creating A Hood Scoop (non Functioning) On 2004 V6

    Hello. I have a stock 2004 Mustang V6. And I am looking to modify my hood with either a scoop or another design, just to change the look of the car. Any advice or ideas to do so? I know you can buy separate hoods online, and I am okay doing so. But if I can modify the one I have now, I would...
  7. Coyote Stipes


    Just installed a steeda cold air intake on my 2012 boss 302, minor fitment issue with the heat shield putting my cervini carbon hood in a bind by not allowing the hood to latch closed. Should I try and trim down the top of the shield or remove the shield altogether?? Also experiencing a small...
  8. XtianAv

    Gt Hood Swap For Ecoboost

    Has anyone tried to put in a GT hood with vent blinkers on an ecoboost? Instead of buying an aftermarket hood with a similar look for my 2016 Ecoboost, I'd much rather had the factory hood with integrated blinkers on the vents.
  9. R

    Paint and Body Headlight/bumper/hood Alignment

    Looking at buying a notchback roller for a project. The attached picture shows the front of the car. The void around the headlamps seem to be a bit on the large side. Nothing else on the vehicle seems to be out of alignment, the bumper feels solidly mounted, and the headlamps are firmly bolted...
  10. P

    Expired 1968 Shelby Hood, Valances, Fastback Decklid

    I have a 68 mustangs Shelby hood, fiberglass, unpainted. I bought a fastback project from a guy but am doing an Eleanor style restoration so I have no need for this hood. It it complete and undamaged except for a superficial scratch. I also have a decklid (original sheet metal, no rust), front...