¼ mile drag simulator for 05+ mustang gt

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  1. Some of you may know from my posts on other forums that my buddy and I have been working on a drag race simulator. Well, it’s finally up and running.


    Check out the video tutorial to see how it works.

    You can download the free version that let’s you race the stock GT against 17 other cars (STi, EVO, C6 vette, etc)

    The pay version let’s you put mod’s on and then race (exhaust, CAI, gears, nitrous, s/c, etc).

    Anyway, check out the site and then let me know what you think. PM me if you have problems with the download or anything.

    btw, here's a screenshot of what it looks like

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  2. That is really fun. One of the coolest games I've seen. But, now this is constructive criticism, the Mustang's times seem to shorten a little too much for the mods. But damn this is addicting. I hope you're working on a version 2.0 with more mods and cars! :nice:
  3. thanks for the feedback! If you have suggestions for other mod's and cars, let me know.

    on the mustang times, two things to keep in mind. one, the model is based on real chasis dyno curves for each mod (no rule of thumb estimators). two, the model assumes an expert driver (perfect launch, perfect shifts, perfect conditions, etc). so your right, most people won't get those kind of performance increases. but they are possible with a highly skilled driver.

    thanks again for the feedback!