0-200-0.. Awesome Video.. Serious Horsepower here.

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  1. WOW!!!

    I'd like to see what the S7 would do heavily modified though.
  2. +1 on the S7 comment.

    It's also nice to see that the Ford Products did not suffer from reliability issues unlike GM and Chrysler. Score 2 for the Blue oval.

    EDIT: Yay for post 500!
  3. I remember the write up in the magazine. They didn't mention that the S7 driver hit a rock at 200mph and got back in it to make sure he had actually made the mark. It was also the only one without ABS, talk about a thrill ride. They also let the vette come back and run again at a later time, placing first or second but doesn't get credit for the do-over. Either way, the GT is king.
  4. As it was, they had to tape over the air vents because the downforce that they were generating were actually slowing down the car.
  5. I was a tad disappointed by the Hennessey Viper, tbh.
  6. I can see that. I think I read one time that the S7 could drive upside down at 140 or something around there. That car generates some serious downforce considering it doesn't have a huge wing on the back. Saleen did their homework when they designed it and also came out with one of the best looking cars on the planet IMO.
  7. Silly me....

    After living in "the area" my whole life, only this week did I realize...on my drive to my new job...that...the Saleen (Factory? Office? HQ?) is on my way to work. As I drove by, I see a PJ Mustang and S7 sitting in the window...along with what appears to be an S7 in construction (or teardown visual mode?).

    Now I know where both Saleen AND Roush live! Yay! Now if I only had some $ I could go visit them and make friends with them and hang out with them and maybe get some parts from them.

    Gotta love the Motor City (and its surrounding areas....LOL). :flag: