Roush 03-04 Cobra Saleen v. Saleen Extreme

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  1. Besides the 32v engine(obviously a huge difference), what are the major differences between these two cars? I hear time and time again the the Cobra Saleen is the big grandaddy of them all and well worth the investment....any thoughts?

    Anyone know the stats? :nice:
  2. assuming you are talking about a 03 or 04 saleen extreme, I honestly think that the cobra is quicker. however, if this is a 2006 saleen extreme, well... lets just say it wouldnt be much of a race -with the saleen putting down over 400 to the wheels.
  3. The 2003/2004 SVT Cobra alone Will Run dead even if not beat a 2002-2004 S-281E Saleen in every aspect of "straight line" Racing. Looks, and handeling are a whole different story, the S-281E out Handles way better than the 03/04 Cobras.

    But Yes in my opinion the 03/04 SVT Cobra Saleen is the grand daddy of them all, you get the looks, style, handling, And a 700hp capable Motor from the factory.
  4. The Cobra has IRS, but does not have the Saleen gauge package if I remember correctly. And I don't think the Cobra has the "Saleen" and the logo embriodered in the seats. If I'm not right, I'm sure some will correct me. :)
  5. Find a 03/04 cobra saleen, they are rare, but that is easily the best of both worlds.
    Call Performanceautosport, Mark seems to be able to locate any saleen.
  6. Correct, the 03/04 Cobra Saleens retained the IRS. It does not have the dual center gauge pod as the Cobra has a built-in boost gauge on the instrument cluster. It also retains the Cobra seats as they are leather with the suede inserts. Also, they did not change the hood (retains the Cobra heat extractor hood). Saleen didn't remove the fender snake badges, either. They made 11 in 2003 (6 coupes and 5 convertibles), but I don't know how many were made in 2004.

    PAS had a black one for sale within the last couple months. Definitely the best of both worlds.

    Another local Saleen owner in my neck of the woods took his 2002 S281-SC coupe and transplanted a 2003 Cobra motor with a Kenne Bell supercharger...


  7. 18 in 2004.....8 coupes and 10 Convertibles.
  8. cobra saleen vs extreme vs s-351

    the cobra saleen is a very rare car, very few built & faster than any extreme built till the 2006 model?? which will boast 550hp. the new extreme will come with all forged internals & a 6speed tranny, plus supercharged; in a race against a supercharged cobra it will be fun to find out who wins. 3valves vs 4valves. i have known of sc cobra saleens also outruning s-351 saleens. i work for one of the dealers that sell saleens & have seen alot of them. they are all wondrful cars, but there are a few that do shine. i personaly own a 98 supercharged cobra saleen yellow on yellow, great car.
  9. May be up to the driver but, The only car that can come close to my exteme has been a modded, pullied cobra. They are all beautiful and rare cars.
  10. Not sure on the miles but there is a guy on SVTP selling an 03 redfire coupe Saleen Cobra for 38k

    what mods do you have, dyno #'s and times at the track?
  11. Ok, let's end this debate once and for all. Anyone with an 03/04 Saleen Cobra in the Orange County area want to line up with an E car? Mine's slightly modded but maybe we can take a few feet off the distance that I leave you behind. :rlaugh:

    In all seriousness, they are both fast cars, but just look at the numbers and you'll see that the E car is faster. It weights about 250 pounds less, has more horsepower (even if you give the cobra the 430hp instead of the underrated 390hp), no wheel hop (bad IRS equals poor off the line performance), and larger rear tires (we're talking stock form here). The E is running mid 12 seconds on the quarter, the cobra high 12's. The 0-60 is 4.5 (per Saleen) in the E car, about 4.8 in the cobra.

    Those are all pretty close I guess, so maybe it all comes down to the driver. But to say that a cobra is faster then an E car, well I have to give that a big :nono: .
  12. I'M your Huckleberry. :rolleyes:

    If only you lived in N.C.

    89-718 convert.
    03 cobra (stock) :shrug:
  13. stock vs stock you are right the E is just a little faster but once you add any mods the Cobra will beat the E. :D

  14. but for the price tag of the "E" car when it was new, I'd would have hoped it would out run a cobra which cost less. Any way you look at it, its still a drivers race


    89-718 convert

    03 cobra
  15. I grew up in NC and I will be moving back in a few years. My family is in Charlotte area. Sister in Hunterville, brother in Charlotte. Love it back there.
  16. Somone Metioned the 99 S-351. Now thats a whole Different Story, 500 hp and tq stock Vortech Supercharged 351 Windsor o man up the boost on that Vortech and that car is a beast. A 2002 S-281E only came with a 425Hp engine, which is Basically identical to a 03/04 Cobra stock for stock. a 2003-2004 S-281E was Packin 445hp. Without question the Saleen Cobra is a Sure Hit. But there are people out there (like ME hehe) with just Plain S-281sc's That are Faster Than some E cars, and Cobras. I Would trade my car in in a second though for a 03/04 S-281E or Cobra Saleen.
  17. How many 99 S351's were produced? What are people asking on these (if you can even find one)?

    I saw a '99 S351 at a car show back in 99 where Napa Ford was advertising. It was a laser red 'vert.....I didn't realize what an amazing vehicle it was back then.
  18. Well i know there is a 1999 S351 on Marks web site white speedster it is going for 44k
  19. With the "E" you are also paying for the looks and the exclusitivity. (not to mention the handling)

    '03/'04 Cobras are everywhere.

    When I lived back east I was at a Mustang Club meeting one rainy night, and 7 of the 21 Stangs there were '03/'04 Cobras. Perhaps they make for good "rain cars"? :shrug:
  20. I've recently added Saleen production numbers to my webpage at ... :)

    The answer is 46 1999 S351's - 20 coupe & 26 convertible.