03 Cobra OR 04 Mach 1?

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  1. I am getting closer to buying a mustang. But which seems to be the better idea? I can afford an 03 cobra if the price is right, but would it be better and cheaper to go for a slightly newer Mach 1 and spend the money I saved on a bigger and better blower than the Eaton that's on the cobra? I have heard the Mach 1 motor is basically a cobra motor minus the Eaton - is this correct? :shrug: Any thoughts let me see what you gotta say.....
  2. if you want a blown motor go with the cobra. yeah the mach has a 4v but it is the all aluminum one. it has weak powdered rods and pathetic pistons that cant take much boost. the 03 cobras have iron blocks, forged manley rods and forged pistons. yeah you could get it and get a little better hp than a stock 03 cobra but what happens when the cobra upgrades? you will be left once again. a bigger blower on a mach is useless. it cant be run beyond 8-9 psi. the cobra was set up for boost and designed to last. i work at a shop with a dyno and the 03's with simple bolt ons and a pulley lay down 450+ to the wheels. most are runnin low 12's. shop around and find the car you want, dont rush into buying a car.
  3. Mach1 motor is basically NOT the same as 03/04 Cobra motor. I think it has the same heads but everything else is similar to previous years Cobra engine from my understanding. It can handle boost to a point, but it really comes down to what you want to do with your car.
  4. Snake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana:
  5. Cobra =
    Better Motor
    Already has the blower
    High capacity fuel system already there

    I know which one I'd choose.
  6. The '03-'04 Cobra is great platform to mod with a forged boosted V8 from the factory. If maximum horsepower for minimum aftermarket price is your goal then the '03-'04 Cobra is the way to go. You're just not gonna get the same power for every dollar spent with the Mach. On the Cobra, Chip, pulley, CAI and exhaust gives u one beast of a car that many higher priced sport coupes out there would have a hard time keeping up with. :flag:
  7. Cobra no doubt. And if you can afford to drop a blower on a mack 1 then you could put a whipple on the Cobra and really have some fun
  8. Go with the MACH 1 :rolleyes:


    The Mach looks better too!

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  9. Yes, just ignore every other post in this thread and go with the all mighty mack, no one else knows anything :rolleyes:
  10. :lol: Had to have atleast 1 vote for the mach right? :D :nice:
  11. You know, you used to aggrivate the ***** out of me, but I'm actually starting to like you :cheers:
    That's true, the Mach did not to get at least one vote :p
  12. :banana: :rlaugh:
  13. Oops, I was on the phone with the wife, last sentence should read:
    That's true, the Mach did get at least one vote :p
    But the Cobra is still better :nice: :flag:
  14. I hear ya! I saw a yellow 04 yesterday by me!! It looked good... I dont like the rear thought!! At least on the yellow!! That mystichrome paint though is nice!! Id like to have an 04 with the mystichrome! :rolleyes:
  15. Yellow is pretty sweet...

    Thanks for all the replies, it was very useful and helpful info. :nice: I was leaning towards the cobra anyway. I took out an 03 Cobra with about 16600 miles on it last tuesday. It was yellow, and mostly stock other than the lack of mufflers. Apparently someone just spliced in a section of pipe. It sounded really damn good in the car, but my buddy told me that it didn't sound really good from behind after I left from showing it to him at his job. The asking price is/was $25,988. I think that's not too bad. :shrug: Of course I would do all I could to get it lower, but I think that's not too bad with what i've seen them go for. The only bad parts I saw were a weak front bumper. It just seemed as if it had been off at one point and never properly put back on. There was also a minor cigarette burn(good reason not to smoke while driving a nice manual car!) on the front seat cushion right in the damn middle. Other than that it was blemish free.
  16. i don't think i would pay that much for one that was smoked it or had the bumper off, could have been in a small fender bender. I'm looking at the same decision i think i'm leaning tward the mach just b/c of the more rare side of it also i love they way they look and they already have a live axle...
  17. I had the same choice to make about a month ago... As my signature says, I went with the Cobra. Haven't even come close to regretting it. Go with the Cobra.
  18. 03/04 cobra >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mach 1
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  20. Both are great cars, I guess it'll come down to your personel preference on looks. And if you want a blower. But the Mach is a nice ride too, and also DOHC. It's a win win situation :nice: