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  1. Has anyone else heard that Ford will not be making any SVT's in 05 and 06? I'm sure I've read this or heard it somewhere but am unable to verify this information. So heads up to whoever is waiting until 2005/6 to buy a Cobra, probably the best bet is the 2004 or wait until 2007 (maybe)......
  2. Carol Shelby is making the Shelby Cobra again (2 seat 600 hp) with Ford Factory backing/production. That was announced Monday at the Detroit Auto show.

    The SVT Mustang will most likely be what we knew as the Cobra Mustang according to my Detroit sources (summer golfing friends.) They said a deal was made but they cannot comment on who has rights to the Cobra name now.

    Don't shoot the messenger guys, but it does make at least some sense that there will not be two ford cobras for 2006.
  3. I was told last year by an SVT rep that there would be no 05. But there would be an 06 and it would probably be early just like the 03 was.
  4. Ford is going to produce the Shelby Roadster, not Shelby. Shelby will oversee the project, but it is going to be done in-house by Ford with assistance by American Specialty Car. It's still iffy if the car is going to be produced or not.

    I was at the unveiling in Detriot where Bill Ford and Carol Shelby drove the car up on the stage. Bill Ford said this car "May" be produced, but when I spoke to J Mays, he said the car will be produced.

    Here's the lowdown. The Shelby Roadster, if released, will be priced comparatively to the Dodge Viper, and in production form, will come in at an estimated 3000 lbs. It will fit into the lineup perfectly if produced. The Mustang Cobra will be in the mid 40's, the Shelby Roadster the mid 80's, and the GT at 139,995. Remember, the GT is going away after 2006 and is only going to be produced for 3 model years. 2004-2005-2005, at an estimated run of only 4500 units.

    If this car is produced, and has a hardtop option with side-windows and windshield wipers, I would think about getting one. If it's a true roadster, the decision will be much harder.

    I think the V10 (same one in the mule mustang) will be produced in other vehicles.
  5. CONFIRMED. There will not be a Mustang Cobra/SVT until at least 2007.
  6. how is this Confirmed?
  7. :nonono:
    I hope that I don't have to search for the SVT press release stating that there will be no SVT products in MY05. The Focus is being discontinued and the Lightning and Cobra will not return to the line up until MY06 (fall 2005). But if I have to, I will.

    Please do not state something contrary to other reports as fact without backing it up in your statement.
  8. Why is the Focus being discontinued? There are lots of Focus cars on the roads here where I live. Is the Focus not a good selling car? And why is the Lightning being discontinued? I thought that Lighning sales were doing well? They just redesigned the Lightning didn't they? Why would they discontinue it? This is very odd.
  9. The svt focus id going away not the regular focus. And the lightning just like the cobra is being delayed a year.
  10. SVT put all their resources into the Ford GT(40), That is why the new body style Lightning and Mustang Cobra will be set back a year.
  11. Not exactly "confirmed"

    They probably got that info about no SVT Mustang until model year '07 from the DetroitPress.com where the following was published today.

    Ford Mustang

    Previewed at last year’s Detroit auto show as a concept, the redesigned 2005 Mustang arrives this fall with a retro design that recalls classic Mustangs of the late 1960s. Available again as a hardtop coupe and a convertible, the ‘05 edition will come in several trim levels, including a range-topping GT package. The new Mustang has been developed on a modified, less expensive version of the same architecture that underpins the Lincoln LS. The most notable change is the adaptation of a solid axle in place of independent rear suspension, in part to keep the base price below $20,000. A successor to the high-performance SVT Mustang has been delayed, probably until model year 2007. In the meantime, Mustang buyers can choose from a 202 horsepower SOHC 4.0-liter V-6 engine or a 300 horsepower SOHC 4.6-liter V-8.
  12. You are right, but there is more to it. They were showing the 05 Focus at NAIAS, as well, which is a little more rational looking car than the existing car, and we are seeing the Mazda 3 at dealers, which is based on the same platform as the new Focus.

    The press release that the moderator mentioned earlier, or perhaps another one also says something to the effect that SVT is largely taking the year off from large production, and undergoing some internal "Upgrades" and investment, as well as putting out the GT, and to make it more of an encompassing force for blue oval performance. One could infer that they may cooperate with Mercury, Aston Martin, Jaguar (R models), and Mazdaspeed to broaden their stroke over some of Ford's allied interests.

    Here's to the revival and improvement of domestic performance. Hopefully approaching european benchmarks.
  13. I don't understand your post. Are you trying to say they are redesigning the SVT focus? And that is the reason we won't have an 05 svt focus?
  14. Sorry, not clear enough. That happens to me sometimes

    They are re-designing the regular focus (almost ready for release, actually) on a new global platform.

    SVT is taking a year off from everything except the GT and internal business improvements.

    The SVT Focus, based on the new car, should be released along side a re-designed F150 Lightning, and SVT Mustang (Cobra, or whatever they call it) in the 2006 model year. Some people have said that it might actually be an early release in spring or summer of '05 calendar year. We'll have to see...

    This kind of makes sense at this time, since all three SVT products currently are based on outgoing models at the relatively same time.
    By waiting a year, SVT will have several months to develop models on each, the F150, Mustang, and Focus, and possibly others like the Five Hundred sedan and others. It will likely take some time to re-organize itself to Ford's wishes for a wider scope performance department.
  15. Ok see all I had heard was the SVT was not coming back. That they were introduceing a ST version of the focus.
  16. I do hope they will bring something like Focus RS or Focus RS8 :)