05 Concept, Production and Fusion

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  1. 05 Concept, Production and Fusion Pictures

    My Q is how difficult could be to convert the concept to the production, I mean it’s basically just larger. Everything could fit in just fine.
    You can see the turning signals it has the four seats, visibility, etc.


    I have a problem posting pictures could someone post them or me?
    Could someone fix the picture, I mean in the same color?
  2. I thnk replacing the rear sheetmetal would be the biggest problem. The rest is going to be solved by the aftermarket. Though I'm not sure if you mean the concept has 4 seat and visible turn signals or the production. And you would lose a lot of the concept look because the production roof is higher.
  3. I was talking about the Concept, because someone said that by law you had to have turning signals on the sides. it doesn’t matter. Bout the body, the production is higher, that’s why I didn’t change the top, but the rest fits, i eve reduced the door for it to fit where the production was.
  4. It was me that talked about the turn signals. Although I still think the production versions are much closer to being able to be seen. Good work on the photoshop comparisions.
  5. I don't know if you noticed this. But the concept rear sheet metal vent area almost looks like an insert/add-on to the production model. I hope you can understand what that meant.
  6. I dont understand. sorry.
    But I can see that all body of teh concept could go instead of the production. Bumpers (front and rear), Hood, and teh side scoops.
  7. Ok mind you I'm trying to clarify myself. not talk down to you. So if I start to sound like I'm explaining myself to a kindergartener realize I'm trying to make sure you understand not that I question your intelligence.

    But look at the rear lower scoops. On the concept they turn up just slightly at the bottom edge. Just like they do on the production. If you put a peice of sheetmetal cut the right way. It would make the scoop almost identical. The upperscoop looks like they simply replaced the scoop with a window. Since it is the same shape as the scoop. And all you would need to do is fabricate a scoop based on the dimensions of the window. Then fabricate the c part of the intake frontal area of the scoop. Did that make it a little clearer. Sometimes I get so involved in explaining that I confuse.
  8. HEy cabo can you send me in the doirections of the 2 original photos. I'm going to let my photochop expert work on it for a better colored comparision. Thanks
  9. Its ok I didnt take it in the wrong way, I thought you ment that. I got the pictures from the forums. I made the project picture biger so it could be the same size of hte concept. As you can tell on the fusioned picture, there are 3 spaces between the concept part, that was to make the 4 seater part in length. then I cut part of the door because is longer on the concept. Then I made the window scoop longer so it culd have the C thing before the window. and that was it. just save the pictures to your PC.