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  1. I'm tired of hearing a friend of mine that works at a Ford dealership tell me that he can "line up with me at a light in an 05 GT, launch, get to the next light, and have time to lite a cigarette and smoke it before I get there." I've got a 99 Cobra with a 10k miles engine, exhaust, and a filter. Now he may be able to beat me by a little, nothing like that of course, but stop being a **** a bout it. Ford will make as many GTs as they can. Now when the 07 Cobra comes out, we'll see who can lite the cigarette. :)
  2. I totally agree. The 05s are great cars, they seem to be built quite a bit better. They are by no means a Cobra, nor will they ever be no matter what someone does or spends. But yes, I will definitely be drooling over the new Cobras when they hit the floor.

    Oh yea, the terminator is the fastest production mustang ever. But it is not a Boss 429. There are some 16,000?+/- terminators on the roads. the Boss 429 was only produced so the motor would be allowed to compete in Nascar. Nascar only required 500? or so production pieces before it gave them the ok. IMHO, a SC 4.6 DOHC V8 is an awesome engine with lots of technology, but a 429ci pushrod v8 hemi crusher is one helluva piece. nothing rumbles like a big block.

    Man would I like to find these 05 idiots and shove my foot so far up their...
  3. Maybe we are not in agreement on the meaning of the word Baddest.

    No disrespect to the 429 intended, but in a race that you loose, how are you the baddest.

    I would even consider a trade with someone with a perfect boss (69 or 70)

    But that is because of the uniqueness and historical value.

    The most powerful factory mustang ever produced is the 03/04 cobra.

    I actually felt like Ford screwed the 00 R owners with the 03 Cobra but they have their uniqueness as well and that cannot be replaced. :flag:
  4. Especially when you consider how much '00 R owners paid for their car- add on top of that, they are slower than '03/'04 Cobras- yeah if I actually bought an '00 R- I'd be a bit pissed- sure only 300 and change were made- but thats a lot of money to pay for a slower car! :shrug:
  5. I’m just glad that thread over there on the S197 forum has died off. In the future, I’m going to let them tell their ricer type lies about Terminators and live in their own little world. I’ll be looking for any opportunity to prove one of them wrong if I see them out and about. :D
  6. Drove by the Ford dealer on my way home today. They actually had a GT I could get close too.

    They are very good looking.

    One problem.

    That damn cheap looking plastic in the grill and front fascia.

    When are they gonna stop using that crap.

    Anyway. None of that on the front of my COBRA.
  7. Don't think anyone thinks that they are faster, the 03/04 cobra are the fastest stock mustang ever, but my favorite mustang ever is the 69 Boss 429.
  8. I beleive we are in complete agreement. :cheers:

    What about the 66 Fastback, I have longed for one of those as well.
  9. I like them all! I agree the SN95 vs. S197 threads are silly.

    Who is faster (S/C Cobras, 00R's, Boss 429 [or 302's], or the GT350R)? Which track?? Drag strip, Rd America, or Rd Atl? I guess it depends where you race and how good a driver you are?

    My favorite? The '65 GT350R, but I don't have an extra $250K laying around for one!
  10. I tried like hell to get those yahoos to see it that way. I look at a clean V6 and smile. Any year, 77 Cobra even. If it is clean, maintained and not riced up, I appreciate it. Makes me jealous if I am not in mine. Anyways, they'll grow up eventually.
  11. As the starter of "One" of "Those" threads, I feel somewhat responsible. (I started the first one that was deleted...)

    I never knew what kind of $hitstorm it was going to cause. Anyway, I bought the '04 Terminator (Torch Red) and can't get that silly grin off my face every time I drive it. I do like the '05s but for the price I paid for my Brand New Cobra (28k out the door)... I just could not justify buying a car that will be a "Dime a Dozen" in a few years...

    Anyway... Just wanted to say HI and thanks for the backup over there...

    Man I can't wait to see one of the "Egomaniacs" and the next stop light---or even better, at the track...
    Can you say ... :owned: