05 GT VS SR-71 Blackbird

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  1. My Airforce buddy says that his SR-71 Blackbird can take a 2005 GT Mustang. I told him he was full of crap but thought I would come to stangnet and talk about it since I am certain the GT could kill that thing. I mean... Mustangs had Mach-1 all the way back in 1969 and they should easily be like Mach-6 by now with all the super duper technology. The SR-71 can only do Mach-3 so the GT should pull it by at least 6 car lengths from a roll.


    I figure that when the 05 beats him, it should take on the space shuttle.

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  2. :lol: I dunno what your friend must've been thinking... One of my former CO's was a Blackbird pilot and from what he told me those planes were pretty slow on the taxiway. The GT could get a heck of a early lead and that might just be enough to put away the SR-71 quick! :owned:
  3. ya, plus the mustang looks better :rlaugh:
  4. C'mon man, the SR-71 was designed in the 1960's. There is no way some low tech, old school piece of junk could hang with a Mustang. And even if it could the color choices on the SR-71 are too limited, you can keep it.
  5. yeah, i think going mach 6 is better than going mach 3 anyway....
  6. Not to mention a Mustang would stomp on a bird.
  7. Tyler,
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  8. Wait till you see my next topic...

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  9. I don't know I think the '05 Mustang would take him.

  10. I've heard of some pilots modding them with a shot of nitrous and almost keeping up with the 05. I've also heard they leak worse then a fox body convertible.
  11. I dunno, I understand the SR-71 stretches a few feet longer at top speed because of heat expansion, that could make it nose out the Stang in the 1/4 mile. But we all know the Mustang will handle much better. Ever seen anyone do a 90 degree turn in a jet at any speed? ;)
  12. I don't know, the 05 has been known to take off vertically it has so much power...
  13. Probably STILL using PUSHRODS!!!!

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  14. The Stang can beat it in acceleration and stopping power. Have you seen how long of a runway it takes to stop one of those SR-71s. You just better hope the blackbird doesn't add stickers and bigger wings or you'll be in trouble. If he adds Nawwwz, you can forget it!
  15. Seeing that the SR-71 is no longer flying, the 05 Mustang GT will kill any one of those remaining immobile SR-71 museum pieces in any race.

    Of course you could buy several Mustang GT's for just what it used to cost to fire up the SR-71 engines and have it taxi to the runway. For what it cost to get a SR71 off the ground and in the air, you could purchase a couple Ford GTs.

    Finally, the SR-71 was mostly designed in the 1950s.

  16. Did you know, the SR-71's top speed is still classified information? I'm pretty sure this machine could orbit earth if it could survive re-entry.
  17. Actually 3 or 4 were put back into service. I'll still take the Stang over it.