05 M3 vs 05 GT

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  1. Afternoon ladies and gents...

    I was just wondering what the general consensus was on 05 M3's vs 05 GT's? Who do you think would honestly win?
    I know one guy with an 05 GT, beautiful car, with CAI, and a reflash done but he won't race me... I resepct his decision even though I get on his case all the time... I won't mention his name since he frequents this board. And because he's a really nice guy. I just wish he'd race me.

    I'm in the Tampa Bay area and I'll be going to T&T Thursday Night @ Bradenton Motorsports Park. I would honestly like to find out. So if you're willing let's do a run or 2.

  2. What kind of numbers is the 05 M3 putting up? I don't really know anything about the car.

  3. Quarter mile depends on the drivers. I would think it would be close if they had equal skills.If I spent 50 grand on a car I'd be p1ssed if I lost to something that cost half the price. :flag:
  4. Here are the numbers for the 2005 M3

    1/4 Mile ET: 13.350
    1/4 Mile MPH: 105.500
    Car Make: BMW
    Car Model: M3
    Car Type: SMG ZCP Coupe (Stock)
    Car Year: 2005
  5. Yeah he gets on my case, but it's all good :D
  6. The M3 should edge out the GT by .5 - .8sec in the 1/4mile Stock vs Stock.

    Given the rather large price difference between the two. The GT owner would walk all over the M3 if he spent a small portion of the purchase price difference on mods.
  7. You're 100% correct. But I bought the car more for track racing and daily driving then I did for 1/4 mile. But I like to have a little fun in the 1/4 every now and then as well.
  8. I'm not the type of guy that would get upset if I lost a 1/4 mile race to a guy in a car the cost half as much. That crap doesn't bother me. Especially since the car wasn't intended for straight line runs...

    Good Luck keeping up... Up top! :D
  9. Nothing wrong with that at all, just pointing out if you continue to keep poking the perverbial stick in your buddies side. He may just come back with a 5k intercooled supercharger setup and poke back.

    All in good fun of course. :stick:

  10. And believe it or not I wish he would.
  11. Do you have any pics of your M3?
  12. Did the M3 post have to be posted on TMS too?

    M3, your "signature" is not really welcomed with me btw especially when 135 feels like ~80 in my American Pony.

  13. If the M3 is a manual and not the SMG, He may not get off the line as quick, but after the 60' he would be gone.
  14. Sorry if you don't care for my sig... But if you really think about it. It's true. German cars are built for the Autobahn. And just realize, just because I prefer BMWs doesn't mean I don't like Americans. If I wanted a full on 1/4 mile car I would have bought American.
  15. For what it’s worth I walked all over an M3 (I don’t know what year but it was pretty new looking) a few weeks ago on the highway and then getting off and whipping through a few turns and lights. I’m not sure if he was a poor driver or what, but it looked like he was trying like hell.

    I pulled off the side near a Target expecting him to pull over and talk as well, but he just kept driving. I think he was pissed.

    I also own a 2004 330ci and quit frankly I’d walk all over that too. My girlfriend drives it because she likes BMW, but I don’t get what they are all cracked up about. The thing doesn’t handle as well as all the hype. I think BMW people just like paying too much for their cars and then defending their bad decisions lol.
  16. I donno, there's a striking shortage of hillbilly comments, redneck this mullet that, being spewed in this thread.

  17. I'm thinking the same thing guys!!!!

    is that really you exconny?
  18. I like playing with M3s. I have a hard time getting the E46 M3 owners to play. The E36 guys will play a lot!

    I had this young 04 M3 owner talking smack to me and my buddy (his daddy bought his car) and I had to lay the smack down on him. He was very polite after that.

    I do a lot of road course track events myself and have owned BMWs in the past. Good cars while under warranty but after warranty runs out it can be $$$ to fix things!
  19. This guy's a bit too polite to be ExCon. Even when ExCon complemented the stang, he did it in a condescending way. Uber is calling it like it is. Don't discount the M3 just because it's not our cup of tea. Those things are fast and I wouldn't wanna race it with my stock 05GT.