'05 Mustang GT HP#'s from MotorTrend

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  1. THe Feb. '04 MotorTrend says the 3v 4.6L Mustang GT will have 300 hp and 315 lbs/ft torque

    Sounds like good #'s to me, it's about what I expected.

    sorry if this is a repost

  2. Not impressed... better exhaust, VCT, 3 valve heads, LS1 like intake, dual throttle body, etc...

    It should make that over the 2 valve with just the heads alone... Hopefully it's way under-rated to make up for the weight gain.
  3. I was hoping for upwards of 360HP
  4. Well, I never thought it would get that much, but about 325-335 would have been perfect.

    If the Cobra is getting 500 horsepower you'd think they wouldn't leave a 200 horse gap between the cars.. :shrug:

    But regardless of power ratings, it's the weight that pisses me off most, I've talked to a Ford engineer who confirmed to me the rumors that the car is overweight, and that sucks. Hopefullu with this car it'll be easdy to remove like the 79-93 cars..
  5. It's no surprise that it's going to be heavier. That's the trend, as more doo-dads and electronics get added, the weight goes up. We want our luxuries and toys, so we have to put up with the weight. Buy a blower :D.

  6. how do all the damn 4 cylinders stay so light?
  7. they are small cars that aren't designed to withstand the weight or torque of a V8.

    no doubt the 3V is underrated.
  8. I at least thought 325HP. Hope and pray that KB has a blower right away to offset the weight too.
  9. I think the numbers ar a nice step up from the 4.6 2V motor. Let's just hope the 4.6 3V motor has been underrated like every other mustang ford has put out since the '99 Cobra incident :nice:
  10. Come to think of it. We now get 300HP and 315lbs of torque in a somewhat heavier car. The GTO has 350HP and 365lbs of torque, correct me if I'm wrong. It looks like we get :owned: right or wrong IMO.
  11. Not unless they are planning to sell gt's at $35k. The price difference puts a blower on the stang. And you get the better looks of the stang.
  12. i dont know about you guys, but ever since i can remember(i'm 26) the stang has been the underdog in the hp category, i think thats one reason that there is such an attraction to the car, everyone loves the underdog and loves to make it fast in their own way.
  13. Why does everyone keep saying the new one will be heavier? No reliable information about weight has been released. If you think about it, the current fox chassis is a poor design with a bunch of heavy strengthening devices added to it. A new chassis will be a better design to start with, and won't need all those heavy band-aids to make it adequate. So, the new car could actually weigh less than the current one.
  14. I personally think that 300 HP is a very good horsepower to start off with for the new 2005 Mustang GT. Our current Mustang GT's only have 260 HP. I think that a 40 HP gain would be a BIG difference even if the new 2005 Mustang GT were the same weight as our current Mustang GT's. What do you think about this?

    Plus, I think that the new 3 valve engine is going to be much better than our current 2 valves. Or maybe Ford is just under-rating the HP to not get in trouble this time around like they did with the 99 Cobra HP ratings. Who knows.
  15. It would be a great gain "if" the car did'nt gain weight. It probably will due to using the LS platform and new electronics. I just wished for 325, that would have been a nice number to start with.
  16. Yeah 325would have been nice. But Ford is not knownn for 60hp jumps between model years for the gt. As for the weight we'll have to see. Until then everything is just speculation. And everyone can claim they have reliable sources. But I want to see real facts not sources who claim.
  17. Reality check guys. How many cars are there that sticker for $26K and have more than 300 HP? Most of you keep comparing the Mustang GT to cars that sticker for $10K more. :rolleyes:

    Keeping with Ford's current practice of underrating their engines, I'd guess that it will be more like 310 HP & 325 lb ft anyway.

    In addition with VCT low end torque is going to be greatly improved. While it may be rated at only 15 lb. ft. more PEAK torque, I'll bet with the VCT the 3V engine is going to have a good 50 lb. ft. more torque at 2,000 RPM than the current GT 2V engine.

    I sure hope that they rate the GT at "only" 300 HP because it will help keep the insurance rates down. :nice:
  18. I wish for once the mustang could run even with one of GM's performace cars outa the factory. Im still gona buy one eventualy, i guess thats why ford can get away with it, they are so popular people dont care. I hope it wil get better in the next few years
  19. What GM car are you talking about PonyGrl? The only thing GM has at the same price point is... oh wait, they don't have anything there.
  20. did they say if that was at the crank or at the wheels?