05GT v. WRX

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  1. My buddy has an 03 WRX with a few mods (upipe, intake, boost controller, fartcan exhaust etc.). We both thought my stang would beat his rex....
    We finally got to try today, on top end I think he's got me....he had a big jump on me and walked me from 70-90 and once I started to reel him in he let off :( ..........
    On a long straightaway we both went to 45 and floored it and I walked away from him..but he claims he got on it for about 5 secs and let off cuz the wife was giving him :nono: ...........
    Its a pretty close race I think and we were both pretty surprised, I thought i'd take him pretty easy....its a little depressing actually. We're going to the track next week to see what our times are...I havent been yet, he ran a 14.5 stock. Either his mods did alot for that car, or I got a slow GT lol.....we'll see.
    Anyone else have any experiences with these cars? Should I be beating him?
  2. oh yea my stang is auto his wrx is stick....
  3. A couple of my freinds have modded wrx's. If you open them up and let them breath they will move pretty quick. I would say it would be close in the 1/4.
  4. Lets see, he is probibly between 230-280hp and weighs 500 or so lbs less plus he has less drivetrain loss because his is stick. I would think it would be a pretty close race depending on how well he drives.
  5. Hmm I might have to break down and get the diablo tuner/CAI...that should help me a bit.......
  7. Get a tuner to get ride of your torque management and a CAI. Run at the strip and see for sure. He will get the dig but by 660 you should be rolling on him. It may be close with the mods but as he does his 5000rpm clutch drops his drivetrain will get trashed in the end. The regular WRX tranny is weak compared to the STis.
  8. seen one blow fire outta his exaust last night... pretty dam cool, still sounds like doodoo though
  9. Subaru WRX < Mustang GT

    The mustang should beat that rice no problem if you had a stick!

  10. Wrx

    not that i don't think they look like toyota corrolas on steroids, but the Wrx Sti runs about a 13.4 in the quarter, according to motor trend. however, slap a supercharger on a gt and there's no contest. if you're racing a regular wrx, u should smoke him, auto or not.
  11. Quote "Subaru WRX < Mustang GT

    The mustang should beat that rice no problem if you had a stick!"

    The Auto in the 05GT is quicker off the line and in the 1/4 than the stick :) Read the numbers :)
  12. I have alot of respect for these cars, I was actually considering buying a STi if I didnt get the stang, but I def. made the right decision. The biggest thing I was surprised about was that he went by me with ease on the top end(even tho he had a jump on me..was almost by me when I got on it)......I thought they died out pretty quick at the top but were strong from a stop. The stock ones run 0-60 in around 5 secs but only run mid 14's in the 1/4......
  13. Not true at all, it may just come down to the driver. I also hope you know what the STi is? 300/300 AWD Turbo, there's a race.

  14. Where did you read the numbers?
  15. I've raced a new STi in my 05 -5speed GT & it tore me a new one those are soooooo fast. I'd buy one if they made a 2 door model.

  16. not true. he may have a stick, but he still has power sucking AWD.

  17. stock to stock, the STi isn't much faster than the 05 GT.
  18. :shrug: I would think if your a good driver (ie stick) then a stang should beat it... But I donno .... I have not driven an 05 so you maybe right

    Im going on 04 Mach or Cobra (both of which Ive driven)

    I don't care for the Subaru so I'm biased I guess!! :nice:

  19. racing from a roll doesn't always prove who's faster. gearing plays a large part in it. you may have started in a "dead" spot in your gearing while he was in his powerband at the start of the 2nd race and vice versa the first. go to the track and run the 1/4mi. whoever traps higher has the potentially faster car.
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