06/07 Mustang SVT

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  1. If anybody has any info on the new SVT which will be sold late 06 as a 07 model please post here. Not sure weather to buy 05 GT or wait for the SVT. What do you ppl think. Any info on the SVT appreciated.
  2. There's been lots of rumors but nothing definite. Just stay tuned...
  3. Well it's not a rumor IMO since SVT has it listed on their site that the next Cobra will be out as a 2007 model

  4. I think he means rumors surrounding the powerplant 5.4 vs. 4.6, 3V vs. 4v etc.
  5. Yeah....what he said! :D
  6. Ahhhh I stand corrected :nice:
  7. Where on the site? I searched for a couple of minutes and found no news.
  8. I bet it gets the newer addition to the mod motor family 6.0 or whatever it is..
  9. I think you are talking about the 6.2L Hurricane that is in development. If so, there is no way that will be in the Cobra. My guess is the 5.4... at best. The Hurricane may end up in a limited production Cobra R or something, but in the regular SVT, I highly doubt it.
  10. however unlikely im keeping my fingers crossed for the hurricane, it may be a possibility with the f-bodies coming back and supposedly having the ls2 in them, i read on here somewhere about maybe shortening the stroke on the 6.2 hurricane and making it a 5.3L (tropical depression) :D or something like that and putting that in the gt's or maybe a special edition. 5.3L gt 6.2L cobra :drool: in any case they probably wont be putting a 4.6 in the cobras, they are aiming for 400 hp n/a from what ive heard, and they said they couldnt get it from a 4.6 3v cuz they tried and it wouldnt pass emissions and reliability requirements, they've retired the s/c 4.6 and prob wont use 4v heads on the 4.6 again b/c of cost, so we're left with a 5.4 or the hurricane in all likelihood, so im gonna keep hoping
  11. I think you’re a lot more likely to see a 4.6 with the twin screw SC that we see on the Ford GT. Colleti already stated that "you don't think we would invest all this money on the GT and it's drive train to just put it in one car do you?" Fact is the DEW light can't accommodate a wider motor than what the current DOHC 4.6 comes in at. This is why they had to shut down the Mustang line in 2000 to shoehorn the Cobra R's 5.4 in. They had to modify the strut towers and it can't have the valve covers removed without taking the motor out. The DEW lite chassis is not a real significant departure from this. And their NOT going to do something like that for a Cobra with high production numbers (realative to the 300 Cobra R’s) Their not going to devise a whole new motor and block to accommodate the Cobra. they have also gotten HUGE press for the Super Charged 03 and 04's. It's been a win situation for them and don't expect to see them depart from that combination any time soon. The N/A rumors are vaporware. It’s easier for Ford to develop a SC high hp car than to develop a NA version.
  12. The F bodies ARE NOT COMING BACK!
    The Camaro nameplate may be returning but it will be on a different platform and word is the Firebird is NOT coming back.

    I highly doubt that the Huricane will be ready by mid 2006.

    I keep wondering if the 601 HP FRPP Cobra that was shown at SEMA is a hint of what we will see in the 2007 Cobra, that is a new version of the 4.6L SC - new heads, new screw S/C, etc.
  13. you know what i meant by "f-body" just a generic term for camaro/firebird, im aware that the camaro wont use the same platform, i mean nobody would use the same platform on a performance car for that long would they? :rolleyes: , i havent heard about the absence of the firebird or the frpp cobra, 601hp from a 4.6?!? go ford :flag: got a link to a story or any specs?
  14. Click Here And Scroll Down And Theres A Pic And Some News
  16. Look at the civic below it! :rlaugh:
  17. I agree, but how about this scenario:

    -- Boss version: supercharged "390"-hp, beefed-up rear, not IRS, rear-seat delete, spare tire delete, trunk-mounted battery... with simple mods, easy 500-hp 11-sec street/strip car.

    -- SVT Cobra: naturally-aspirated 400hp, IRS, etc... blow the GTO into the weeds. I just wonder how Ford can get 400hp from a 5.4 when GM needs 6.0 for their 400hp LS2.
  18. How about an extra intake valve and Variable Cam Timing? :D

    I think Ford could get real close, maybe 385 hp with a N/A 5.4 3V. But I would like to see that same engine with a screw-type s/c putting out '450 hp' in the SVT. Save the 385 hp version for SEs such as the Mach and Boss, with a solid axle standard(IRS option).
  19. GM doesn't "need" the 6.0 to get that hp level; they have gotten over 400hp from the Z06 5.7L motor...

    400hp from a 5.4L motor should not be hard. They got 385 from the 4V Cobra R motor in 2000...the variable valve timing and a bump in compression should make up the difference and then some for the missing valve on a 3V Cobra.