1/4 Mi W The "magic" 300 Rwhp?

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  1. Hey fellas I was just curious what kind of ballpark et's y'all guys run who are around the 300 rwhp mark? Fox or sn it street trim, no slicks and preferably a radial not drag radial
  2. http://robrobinette.com/et.htm

    According to this handy cslculator, a 300 whp car weighing 3300 is capable of a 12.95. I'd guess a 13.30 -13.60 on a street tire
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  3. What kind of power are you making my man?
  4. most cars that make 300hp, and weigh in at about 2800-3300lbs, have a capability to run in the low 13s to high 12s in the 1/4 mile.
  5. I agree with madspeed. With regular street tires you'll loose somewhere around 1/2 sec in et. Remember that et is dependent on a lot of factors like ability of driver,air quality,weight,chassis,track prep,etc. I would expect your car would run in the mid 13's in your supposed scenario. If you really never plan on making many passes I wouldn't worry about the et. You'll have a fun street car.
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  6. I have never been dynoed or to the track with this car. I should be around 500 whp
  7. Damn
  8. That's neat! never seen that before.
    According to that handy calculator, in perfect conditions my 3340lb. vert could possibly make low 11 second passes with a good driver and tires.
    Already got the tires on it. LOL
  9. This link below is a sticky in the general talk section. You can find combos that are at or near what you have or might want and find people with +/- 300 whp with time slips. Excellent info in there.


    You'll see variations with 1/4 mile e.t's from people with 300 whp. That's because, like mentioned before, it's how the power is transferred to the ground. If you have 300 whp and stock suspension, radials and don't know how to launch then you're not going to be as fast as an experience driver with aftermarket suspension designed for drag racing and he knows how to race. Some people have a 2 sec 60ft and others have a 1.6 60ft time and making the same HP to the wheels.

    Reading the story about @Sharad is eye opening about E.Ts (in the beginning) it's more about suspension than it is HP. He got his car in the high 12's with only a few typical engine bolt ons starting with a stock LX 5.0 and mostly suspension upgrades and slicks. Maybe somebody else could provide a link.
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  10. I love theoretical racing...........my car is so damn fast that way it is sick!
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  11. LOL, Thats why I'll never take my car to the track. If I did , I might find out it's not nearly a fast as it is on paper.

    I just don't know if I could handle that disappointment.:)

    Nothing can hurt a mans feelings more than a Chassis Dyno and/or a trip to the track.
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  12. Amen
  13. i learned a long time ago if im going to go to the track im not going on street tires. if i want to sit there and spin i will do it on the street. lol
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  14. Agreed, just a wasted trip.

  15. 256 rwhp.
    295 rwtq.
    3100 lbs give or take.
    285/35/18 Falken radials out back.
    In this trim I went 12.95 @ 107 (I forget the mph, but 107-108 is my thought).
  16. bench dyno's are like the New York Jets. Both look great on paper.
  17. Mike, I think you overstepped your analogy...the New York Jets suck on or off paper:rolleyes:
  18. yea... make that the redskins or the cowgirls.
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  19. :spot:
    Ez on them cowboys ace