Expired 4- Lug Convo Pros

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  1. (6) 4-lug convo pro's with skinnies street tires (w/ skinnies) and slicks (ET Drags)--1000

    (8) 4-lug Fox body (1992) Stock 5-star wheels w/ street tires & slicks -- 1000 ( ET Streets & ET Drags)

    strange axles with c-clip eliminators--250--sold

    PA C4 with rev man valve body.--500---SOLD

    B&M hammer shifter--100-----SOLD

    351W Edelbrock upper and lower RPM intake--250---SOLD


    Wolf rear Sway Bar--150

    I'm in the Hampton, VA area

    email: [email protected]

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  2. Intake is fuel injected intake

    email for pictures and prices.

    Negotiable for trades. Looking for custom seats for LX or some stock black front and back seats or some greys if they are in really good shape
  3. hmmm, ttt
  4. sale pending on C4 & shifter
  5. Tranny, shifter, & pedal sold.
  6. Moving to the Virginia Beach, VA area. Parts will be available there around mid OCT13
  7. Open to trades;;;;;;;Ready to make a deal

  8. Open to trades for 5lug 17 or 18 rims and tires or Stock Seats (Grey or Black tweed) in good condition. Ready to unload this stuff. Make me an offer.
  9. Va Beach, that would have saved me 12 hours! Thanks again for the C4!
  10. yeah sorry man. In hindsight, I was in an accident with my trailer on the way up here, so I don't know if the tranny would have survived.
    Happy Holidays
  11. Wow, hope you all are ok and the damage was not to bad. Happy Holidays to you too.
  12. yeah just got lucky.
  13. Im looking for some BBK 351W long tubes if anyone wants to do a little trading. Also still looking for stock grey or black seats. Also need x-pipe for long tubes and some flow masters or magna flows
  14. Also looking for a 7x10 enclosed trailer with a ramp door and dual axles
  15. Still have the rims and tires?
  16. Yep. Which set you interested in? Convo Pros or the pony's w slicks and street tires? or both?
  17. Not sure? Do you have any issues shipping them? I like the pony style but those drag wheels are sweet too. Whatcha askjng for each?
  18. cant ship em. Too heavy. Sorry.

    Virginia Beach is real nice this time of year :nice:
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