1. well the previous owner of my car wrecked it no big damage but it needs a new front bumper. a guy i kno wants my ponys and offered me a hatch( need to drill holes for spoiler, need a new one cuz the key hole in mine was welded up) a front bumper and some 10 holes with good tires. so is this a good deal and does any1 have any pics of an 87-93 gt with 10 holes on it? could some1 please post a pic of a aero gt with 10 holes? even if its photo shop just for an idea
  2. Keep the Ponies. :notnice:
  3. clean 10 holes trump ponies any day of the week in my book... especially when you put some fat drag radials on the rear... a la blackened88lx, that car is the essence of badass

    edit: i didn't realize you were asking about a GT, i assuumed it was an LX for some reason... on a GT i prefer ponies
  4. X1000 since it's a GT.
  5. Aero GTs look silly with 10 holes. Like an LX with GT body molding bolted on. Ponys were the best looking factory wheel for the Fox by far, at least on Aero cars- Ponys look out of place on 4 eyes.
  6. I wish i kept my 10-holes. They were MINT! I sold them for $100 with tires :(
  7. 10 holes look great on anything but an aero nosed GT. I knew someone who ran them for awile and they just took so much away from the appearence of the car.
  8. If you get the 10 holes, PM me. For the right $, I want some nice ones for the Stripptmobile:nice:!
  9. well the wheels werent bad, the hatch was nice and the bumper was great. so i did it even tho all you guys sed not too, i think it doesnt look too bad now if i could get the car one color. lol its yellow and red thanks to a red parts car it looks obnoxious:bang:
  10. Go buy some rattle cans. I'd rather drive a spray bomb-ed car than one with different colored body panels.
  11. asa_type8_sp_ci3_l.jpg

    These only come in 16's tops and are similar to a stock mercedes rim that also comes chromed and/or in 15's. if they were available in 17's i'd try to use them when i upgrade my breaks to keep the stock, sleeper look. Then no one would know that I could stop real good.
  12. I love it when people post threads asking "What should I do?" and they always do the complete opposite from what everyone recommends. :)

    +1 on the investment in rattlecans. Even primered parts look better than totally mismatched factory colors - reminds me of that Adam Sandler song, "Ode to My Car" ("...seven different colors..."). :D Give it a little Wally World flat black and call it a day, or get wild with the masking tape and primer the whole car for like $20.
  13. im in the middle of sanding it down and getting ready to primer, i dont drive it, im 14, its a project so its not that big of a deal
  14. I have a set of 10 holes that I polished, they look great!
  15. i think they look good polished, before my grandpa turned his notch into a racecar with draglites he had his polished