$1000 to blow, looking at suspension

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  1. Just got my scholarship check in the mail and I'm looking to fix up my 02 GT. I have been thinking about Eibach pro kit springs as well as shocks, just not sure what brand of shocks. If the shocks don't cost too much I would like to get a sway bar.

    If it was your car... what would you have done? I don't really care about aesthetics/body kits or anything.

  2. Eibach pro not low enough, go with sportlines or H&R Supersports
  3. eiback pro kit IS low enough. trust me. go with the prokit, kyb, tockico, or bilstien shocks, and get some subframes welded on. thats around a grand and will have her moving around like a new pony.
  4. Prokit is perfectly low... H&R Race springs are also a great choice. Idealy, our cars shouldn't be lowered more than 1"-1.5" before you negatively effect handling, ride quality, bumpsteer, etc. The Eibach dampners (shocks/struts) aren't the best, I would reccomend Tokico HP (blues) if you're on a strict budget, or Bilstein HD shocks/struts if you have a little bit more to spend.

    The shocks/struts and spring combination is going to be what really determines the "feel" of the car, but some nickle/dime items can really help make the car feel more solid. I would reccomend picking up a set of maximum motorsports center-drilled aluminum rack bushings and their caster/camber plates when doing the springs and dampners.

    I myself have had both the Eibach ProKit springs with the Tokico blues AND Bilstein HD's I reccomended. The Tokico's road a bit rougher than the HD's, but both performed roughly the same.

    If all you're looking to get is shocks/struts/springs and you really want to max out that $1000 you could do MM C/C plates, front/rear coilover kit w/ springs, and bilstein HD's (which can be found considerably cheaper with FREE shipping on ebay).
  5. Shocks/struts are expensive, probably at least $400-$500 for the full set. You don't really need them. Get them if you want, though. I'd get springs, caster/camber plates, and subframe connectors if I was you.
  6. double post
  7. MM Box Sets ROCK :nice:
  8. save it for some future blower work
  9. I had considered that but my roommates keep egging me on how my ride has a 4x4 lift kit. =/ They're all truck heads..
  10. just get H&R springs and some shocks/struts and use the rest to take some hottie to a nice dinner.
  11. GO to americanmuscle.com and order there. Put "mustangboards" in the promotion code and get a discount as well.
    You can get:
    Maximum Motorsport 4 bolt C/C plates
    H&R Sport Springs
    Bilstein Shocks.Struts
    all for $986.00 shipped. Hope that helps :nice:

    BTW, Get some Tokico adj. shocks/struts instead of fof Ebay for $439 shipped. That'll bring the total to only $861.01 And this way you can adjust how firm or soft your ride is :nice:
  12. HoustonGT - I definitely like the sound of that. The other kit includes "MM Urethane Pinion Snubber" and "Front and Rear Spring Isolators", how necessary are those?

    btw, I'm from Houston. =)
  13. Another Houston person, sweet :nice:
    You can just re-use your stock spring isolators. I never used a urethane pinion snubber when the car was lowered, maybe someone else can explain it a bit better
  14. you really dont need a new pinion snubber at all, and same with caster camber plates. the prokit i bought came with a new snub so i put it on. basically when your car is low.. i mean really low.. lower than the prokit by alot, and say you hit a huge bump and your diff flys way up, the pinion snubber stops the diff from going through your floorboard. also, u dont want drag springs unless your going to be drag racing, they dont give a great look/drop to the car.
  15. If it was my car, and i get $1000 for scholarship, i'd use that to pay for school, instead of fixing the car! U can always do that after you graduate from shool, and have good paying job!
    WTF is wrong with you?

    Going to school and pay entire tuition out of my pocket suckass!
  16. Maybe thats money left over after tuition/fees have been paid bud. After all my scholarships and grants pay for my tuition/fees, i still get money back and use it for books, parking, and then the rest on the car. So chill out :nice:
  17. thats just so wrong in my eye...:(